Hello and thanks for stopping by! My name is Angela. I am a scientist, wife, cat-mom, and fitness enthusiast. This page is my personal blog, and you will find a range of topics, centered around healthy living. Why “The Chicken Scoop”?  Well, when I started this blog, we had just gotten a small flock of chickens and the name just stuck!  I hope you enjoy your visit!

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FitFluential Is Fitness Found


Dumbbells Everywhere

Yesterday I was just a ball full of energy! After my walk to Target, I came home without much idea of what to do. I blogged and then decided to poke my head outside on the back porch. In an ideal world, it would be set up as our home gym and patio. In this world, it is half unusable gym, half storage unit. A

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Finding Fitness in Errands

Good morning! This week has been well enough so far. This past weekend, Rob and I were pretty busy but no pictures. The big downside is that my allergies have kicked in. I did not go to Bullpen on Friday nor Monday. I can barely breathe and I cough a lot so the high intensity of those workouts just isn’t happening. Sadly though, I didn’t

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Gloucester Outlet Shopping

The bright side of being at home all the time (and no working) is that I have lots of free time to spend with friends and family. I also have time to get things done around the house, but that’s not nearly as much fun.

Yesterday, my sister, Michele, and I went shopping at the new Gloucester Outlets in Blackwood, NJ. We live very close

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Review: Newton Fate Running Shoes

I have actually been a long time fan of Newton Running, not just because it is named after a physicist

I originally heard of them when I read this article in Runner’s World Magazine. I was completely intrigued by their ideas and kept a look out for the sneakers (I even called nearby running shops but no one had them). Finally, I saw them

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Winter Running Gear 101

“All you need are sneakers!” That’s what everyone says about running… Just throw a pair on and go! I think this is the biggest lie ever told to newbie runners. I realized this when getting ready for my wintery run the other day…

I spent 20 minutes looking for my gloves and hat because it was too dang cold out to go

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Healthy Holidays with Arbonne Essentials

I don’t talk about it much here but I’m an Arbonne Independent Consultant. I don’t want to go into full detail because this isn’t a post about Arbonne exactly but just know that I signed on because I love their products, the ingredients, how they are tested, etc. I just think they are great quality for all of their lines (skincare, beauty, and health products).

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Vega Bar Tastiness

Thanks to FitApproach and Vega, I had the chance to try all of Vega’s new Food Bars being launched next month! They provided me with free product in exchange for a review and some tweets/instagrams but all opinions are my own. Anyway, since I already love Vega’s protein powders and shakes, I jumped at the change to try their bars even though I don’t usually

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Inside My Lunch Box & More

First, this is my official announcement that you should not expect more than 2-3 blog posts for the next 2 weeks until the end of Finals.  Right now, I can get ahead but next weekend, I will have 2 take home finals, a term paper to write, and a full day rugby tournament to attend and photograph and help with (since you know, my husband

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