Making Healthy Habits

Making Healthy Habits

More excuses. That’s how I feel. I am back to having that out-of-control feeling when it comes to my health. Like I can’t stop myself. Its like watching something fall to the ground in slow motion and you can’t catch it in time to save it.


What I realized is that I’ve just managed to create myself some unhealthy habits. We all know how hard habits can be to break. Here are some bad habits I’ve developed:

emoticon Drinking too much coffee and not enough water.
emoticon Eating out too often, making it hard to get motivated to cook at home.
emoticon Just plain forgetting to work out. (Seriously, it doesn’t cross my mind).
emoticon Eating too many sweets and expecting them every day.
emoticon Not eating enough veggies.

So I want to think of new habits I want to develop instead. The key to success is thinking positively, right? So some of the daily habits I want back are:

emoticon Drinking boatloads of water (about 2-3 of my 26 ounce water bottles).
emoticon Vegetables at every meal.
emoticon Cook all my meals. (Occasional indulgence allowed)
emoticon Get in at least 10 minutes of movement each day.

I think that is a good list to start with. Of course, you guys know me and I have to make a chart, right?

I’m not going to worry so much about filling it out but just about getting my habits back. I set it up to track for the next 10 days and threw in tracking my steps each day for fun.

It is always tough to start over too. I feel like I should be doing more but I’m trying to remind myself to just do at least a little. If I take on too much, I risk burning out in a few days/weeks. I have to work with where I am now and not where I was before. Break those bad habits and then build on the good ones!


How do you create healthy habits?

2 thoughts on “Making Healthy Habits

  1. Way to go! I have noticed that since I’ve gotten back on the exercise bandwagon that my eating is much better…one good thing leads to another!!

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