Memorial Day Relaxation

So, I sort of took a mini blogging vacation last week and it was a great idea!  I didn’t realize I needed it but it was a nice break from the computer.  I spend a lot of time in front of this little blue screen between blogging and my research.  Sometimes you need to just step away.

Seeing it was a three day weekend with the hubs, I had big plans to get the inside of the house clean but the weather just refused to cooperate.  It was too gorgeous to stay inside so instead, Rob and I worked on some lingering projects that have needed attention.  First up, we decided to tackle the garden which has needed attention since we moved in almost 2 years ago.


We are lucky that one of our local produce outlets sells plants at a crazy discount.  Rose buses were $12 which were $18 at Lowe’s.  We did have to hit Lowe’s though for other things such as mulch and gardening tools (which I did not own).  Anyway, I didn’t really remember to take a before picture but it basically looked like this for 100 square feet:


Rob took care of the yard while I weeded the garden and planted our new flowers.


After about a day and a half of work, the garden looks amazing!


We even tore out the front garden which was overtop of concrete and put it some potted plants.  We are hoping that our front door will stop flooding too now that the planter box is gone (it was blocking drainage).


I also planted some herbs and I’m hoping they’ll take.  We’ll see!  We also picked up a tomato plant at the grocery store for only $8.  Way cheaper than any place else we saw them.


Next up was to refinish a cabinet that my parents weren’t using.  We don’t have closets in our place (its an old remodeled chicken coop/garage) so we thought this would work great as a coat closet by the front door.  We needed to repaint it and put in new hardware.


As you can see, Rob did most of that work.  LoL.! I did paint a lot of it but he did the hard work.  In my defense, I took down all the stuff by the front door, ripped out wall anchors, and patched holes.  Its just not as fun to take photos of!

Our last fun thing we did was get Spooky a leash!  She loves to go outside and I don’t mind but I don’t want to let her loose.  People speed down our road and I don’t want her to wander off for hours.  I thought this was a good compromise.  She has to get used to it but I think she’ll really enjoy it!


DSCN0249Health & Fitness

This weekend, I totally let myself go.  We ordered pizza and I avoided pain by just not stuffing my face (go figure).  Our house is also a still such a crazy wreck that it is hard to cook or use the kitchen.  We ended up eating pasta (!), hot dogs (not so bad?), and pizza all weekend.  At least my hotdogs were wrapped in lettuce?  No, it doesn’t help.  I also didn’t work out at all.

I could start a new plan and lay it all out for you guys but I’m just not going to.  I feel like a broken record lately.  Excuses, excuses!  I know it all boils down to stress for me.  I have to work through that to get to a good place but if I force myself to workout and eat right, it will be so much easier!  Sugar makes me cranky.  So does lack of exercise.  Cranky = stress more = downward spiral.

Luckily, some friends on my Facebook group Fit Chickies have banded together to restart their health also with pretty similar goals as mine.  I’m hoping that supporting them and having them there for me will help me get on the right track! 

What did you do this weekend?

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  1. Wow, that’s great-looking! Ours always looks like crap because we do it old school, nothing fancy, no money put in ;p I mean, there’s money put in but that’s for things like tillers and hoses!

    Great job on the cabinet, too.

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