MudManX–My First Mud Run!

This weekend was jam packed!  First off, Friday, I had to come home early for a doctor’s appointment.  Luckily I was there because my sister needed me to help her move some stuff at the very last minute and the new Jeep came in handy!  Then the rest of the evening was spent baking cookies for Lauren’s Christmas in July Party!


We had a problem with one very sneaky kitty who stole a cookie right off the table! 


See the water splatter on the table?  We squirt them when they are bad.  He wouldn’t stay away from the cookies!  Anyway, we toted these off to Lauren’s house on Saturday night, where I didn’t take a single photo!  LoL.

Saturday morning was Rob’s and my first mud run!  It was the MudManX race which I think is pretty new.  We had gotten LivingSocial coupons for entry so it was super cheap otherwise we would have never done it (so expensive!).  It was such a blast!  We snuck a look at some of the obstacles as we waited to start:


That big wall got me and it was the last obstacle!  I missed the rope like 6 times and slid down on my forearms.


I got a better running start finally and was able to grab the rope and climb up!  Oh did I mention they dump soap on the wall?  Yeah…  My knees also go tore up because there were sharp rocks in the mud pit!  I found these pictures from Lou Russo Photography of that section.  I definitely need to order some!!



The race was 5 miles and I think that was a good length.  It was long and fun but not too long.  There was definitely a lot of running though.  A 5K one might be better for those who don’t want to do so much running!  Rob waited for me on the whole course to help me if I needed it too.  He’s the best!  I skipped climbing over the walls because I just knew I wouldn’t be able to do it.  That is ok with me though!  I really can’t wait for our next one!!!!

And that’s pretty much it for the weekend!  Rob and I spent Sunday just running around all day.  I felt like we shopped all day and got nothing done!  We even had to go back out to the store later for something we really needed to get ASAP.  We didn’t want to leave again!  I got hair dye but never even got a chance to put it in.  Next weekend!  To end, I am not the only photographer in the house.  I like leaving the camera at home for Rob during the week to take pictures.  He got some great ones!


What did you do this weekend?

3 thoughts on “MudManX–My First Mud Run!

  1. Rob’s pictures are amazing!!!!! and next year a mud run already on the TO DO LIST

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