2015 Recap


This year was tough.  There was a lot on my plate for the entire year: grad school, then finding a job, then a job that took 14 hours of my day, and now recovering from all the stress (and finding a new job).  Despite all that, looking back at my Plans for 2015, I pretty much accomplished what I wanted to this year!  Let’s review.

Goal 1:  Finish My Master’s Degree

This one was an easy one!  I knew I would finish, though it was tough.  I am happy to have done it nonetheless!

Goal 2:  Prepare for New Adventures

I didn’t know what life would hold for me after graduation.  It is still looking shaky but I did embrace a new adventure by taking a job in Chicago briefly.  While it didn’t work out, I didn’t let fear of moving stop me from trying.

Goal 3:  Return to Regular Exercise

This one was up and down constantly all year.  I had absolutely no time for exercise while finishing school, despite finishing a few spring races.  In October, I joined an online fitness website (gee, I never blogged about that, note for later!) which got me off my butt again before I had to move back to NJ.  Now,  I have the new gym and training classes to keep me going so I call this one a success!

Goal 4: Lose Some Weight

This is pretty much the only thing I didn’t succeed on.  It would have been nice to lose weight, but life had other plans.  I had a lot on my plate and worrying about my weight was not something I needed to think about at the time.  Now I have the time to take care of myself and can think about this one again in 2016.

Other Notables

I was pretty realistic with my 2015 goals, which helped me achieve them.  While I didn’t lose weigh or run a ridiculous number of miles, I still got some things done.  I knew it would be a tough year.

I am not sure what 2016 will bring but I hope I can continue to grow and reach some new goals and achievements!

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