Health Recap – Nov 18 2013

Happy Monday!  It was a pretty low key weekend and I really got some time to relax.  Right now, I want to talk about how my week went health-wise.



Not a bad week overall.  The stars are for days I hit the gym.  Wednesday was weights while Thursday was C25K Week 1 Day 1.  Yes, you read that correctly – I ran!

The running went pretty well.  My foot just felt stiff but I had no bone pain like previously.  I made sure to keep it to the 1 minute intervals and not push too hard (and hurt myself again).  I am going to start Week 1 over again this week but it really felt good to run and sweat!  The running part wasn’t even that hard.  I guess I haven’t lost as much endurance as I thought!


I didn’t do as well as I had wanted to on the tracking.  There was lots of snacking this week and less meals.  I also find it hard to track due to the fact that I don’t measure when I cook.  Yes, I know the success to weight loss is measuring food and counting calories.  I don’t mind measuring a portion when I’m about to eat it.  I just don’t like measuring every little thing as I cook it.  I find it tedious and a little stressful.  I tried to eat reasonable portions and listen to my body’s hunger signals at least.  I think I am down a couple of pounds but I’m not “weighing in” officially on any websites until I see significant change (up or down, in pounds, BF%, inches, etc.).

I’m also not drinking enough water.  That is normal (but still not acceptable).

That’s pretty much it for now.  I must be off to get back into the grind of the school week!  My goals for this week:

  • Drink more water (60+ ounces daily).
  • Track my food daily.
  • Gym 4 times.

5 thoughts on “Health Recap – Nov 18 2013

  1. great job this week!!! I have been tracking, but trying not to go over board. if I forget something or it doesn’t happen, then I move on. I know if I freak out about every calorie, I won’t keep it up for long.
    My goal this week is to get in good workouts!

  2. great job on being accountable! Keep it going…the momentum will carry you! You know what to do…keep up the great effort!!!

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