Hello, December

Things were off to a good start last month and then it happened.  The dreaded cold season hit me hard.  I was down and out completely for a week.  I am feeling much better but it is still lingering in my chest so intense exercise is still off limits for now.

Otherwise, things have been good at home.  Still no news on the job front.  Rob and I are weighing all of our options and hunting for opportunities.  No idea what direction I will be going next!

In health news, friends and I were planning on doing the 21 Day Fix starting December 1.  I managed about 2 days before I was so sick, I just threw it in the towel and ate what I could.  The good news is that everyone else seems to be kicking butt!

For now, the plan is to slowly get back toward healthy portions and eating lots of veggies (the basics of 21 Day Fix’s nutrition plan).  I also want to get back into workouts soon.  I am getting antsy from being sick, but my lungs are still congested and full of gunk.  Until they are clear, I won’t be pushing it too hard.  I would rather heal faster!

I hope to blog more often but don’t want to bore you all with daily posts of food and no workouts.  I will see what else I can come up with while I am down and out!

2 thoughts on “Hello, December

  1. I hope you feel better very soon. Sounds like it hit you very hard, at least you were listening to your body and not changing too much with a diet fix. BTW, you never bore us, I love reading about your everyday life or just photos of the furry babies. 🙂 I can’t wait to see what is plan for the next year for you. It’s rather nice you have this short period, before you start working full-time again, with your family and husband.

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