Life in High Gear

Hello there strangers!  Things have been a little crazy around here.  I’ve officially been at work for a month now.  It has been crazy there, always busy but in a good way.  I have just been trying to get used to the new schedule but it changes often which is half the struggle.

I’ve also been super busy with life too.  The past two weekends have been jam packed!  I’m not going to try to recap every little thing I’ve been doing lately but there’s been a few events:

2016-04-21 18.41.34Phantom of the Opera at a local high school with my mom and sister

2016-04-24 14.30.00
Earth Day at the ACUA

2016-04-29 11.53.37
Shopping with Callista and her kids

2016-04-30 15.21.38
Mini Renaissance Faire at a local historic town.  A chance to wear my costume!

2016-05-01 10.00.42
Russian Orthodox Easter (hosted at my house!)

So that’s just a few things in the past 2 weeks that I’ve had going on!  You can see why I haven’t been around to blog.  I also need to learn to add it into my day on top of everything else.

First though, I need to get exercise incorporated back into my daily routine.  I haven’t been exercising much at all.  There were a few times I walked after work but it has tapered off to nothing.  My friend Kristen asked me to do a challenge with her this month from Carrots ‘N’ Cake.  It is daily 5 minute workouts.  How can I say no to 5 minute workouts?!   This may give me a little push to just get into a routine of daily movement again.  I can take it from there as I get used to throwing on the workout clothes every day after work!

As for the other half of the equation, nutrition hasn’t been good either.  Way too much eating out.  Way too much rich food.  Too much dairy, sugar, grains – all things that can cause some sort of problem for me whether it be digestive or allergic.  Also not enough of the good stuff – vegetables mostly.  I haven’t been using the Primal Blueprint meal plans that I’ve been getting but I want to go through it this weekend and make a concerted effort next week to make some of the recipes.  Use the resources I have!

Well, its time to get going.  I work at 6am so its bed time!  Hopefully next time I check in, I will have much more to say and some workouts to report on!

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