Local Eats: Formica Brothers Bakery Cafe (Northfield)

Note: The Northfield location of Formica Brothers Bakery has closed since the date of this post. Their original location in Atlantic City is still going strong!

I love Formica Brother’s.  I don’t go here nearly enough.  It is just as it says, a bakery.  You walk in, surrounded by amazing breads and pastries, temptation at every turn!
I actually stopped here twice in one week!  We go to the Northfield location (which isn’t the original – in Atlantic City)  Rob and I decided to head over to try a different place for breakfast.  Not too many choices for breakfast since it is a bakery and not a breakfast place but enough for us.  Rob got a simple pork roll and cheese on a bagel and I got one of the specials.

Scrambled eggs with peppers and cheese on a multigrain roll.  Oh this was so delicious.  I love their multigrain bread and that is the main thing I wanted here.  LoL.  It was pretty big and I didn’t finish it all but that is mostly because I got a scone also:

I asked them to warm it up so they threw it on their panini press for a second.  It was delicious!  I absolutely love scones.  They aren’t too sweet but just right for me.  I added a bit of butter for moisture since scones are usually pretty dry.  Honestly, this one was not and I probably could have skipped the butter!  So delicious!

Then a few days later, I made plans to meet a friend there for lunch.  I went with the turkey and avocado sandwich and she got the rueben.  I was jealous!

I just love that picture of the melty delicious cheese.  Soooo tempting!  I was really happy with my sandwich though too.  I ate half and saved the rest for the next day.  The avocado held up well and it tasted fine as leftovers!

One of my favorite things about this place though is how friendly people always are.  I always feel welcome and at home when I go in there.  I tend to be indecisive when I’m there so I’m probably an annoying customer.  Just too many delicious things to choose from!  They always answer all my questions though and do their best to make your food the way you want it.  Besides all that, their bread is just amazing.  If you are in the area, just stop in for a roll to snack on!

It is a little pricier because it is a nice bakery but I think it is totally worth the extra little bit.  The atmosphere is great, you can see right into the kitchen in the back where they bake the bread (big glass window).  The pastries, breads, and sandwiches are all to die for.  Definitely one of my favorite stops!

Formica Bros. Bakery Cafe
Kensington Square
200 North Tilton Road
Northfield, New Jersey, 08225
Telephone: (609)-646-6565

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