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25 Foods To Eat

We’ll get to the 25 foods in a minute.  First, my daily eats recap.  I liked Kristen’s recap of her day with timestamps so I’m going to go with that today!

9:00AM I needed some quick carbs before my workout so I grabbed an Archer Farms Simply Balanced Very Berry Fruit Strip.  Just something to hold me over so I could get Focus T25 Beta Core Cardio done!

tia11033495712014-05-09 11.00.43

10:00AM Finally time for breakfast.  Half of a ham egg and cheese bagel.  Cucumber tomato salad.  Coffee with cream and coconut sugar. (below left)


1:00PM I went to eat leftover pork for lunch but it had gone bad so an omelet instead.  It’s all about improvising.  Paired with zucchini from my garden. (above right)

3:00PM I had a coupon for a 99 cent coffee from Dunkin Donuts so I thought why not.  I also had an Oikos Orange Cream yogurt on the train ride.  Best yogurt flavor ever!


4:45PM  My last chance to eat before work.  Can of soup.


7:00-9:00PM  I was so hungry during my shift!  Good thing I packed lots of snacks.  2 eggs, cucumber tomato salad, grapes, trail mix. (above right)

10:50PM  I was so hungry when I got off of work and still wouldn’t be home for another 2 hours.  I got into the train station with only 5 minutes to spare so I grabbed a muffin from Cosi.  Only ate half and it upset my stomach.  Went to bed still kind of hungry.


Calories:  1801
Fat:  80
Carbs:  197
Protein:  94

So while my protein was a little better, my carbs were entirely too high (even before the muffin) and my calories are a wreck.  At least I got a lot of walking in so I was still under my calorie burn for the day but not enough for much weight loss.  One thing that I thought was pretty cool was that, other than the veggies in my soup, all the veggies I ate yesterday were from my yard (my garden and my parents’).  How awesome!

Anyway, yesterday I had an idea for next week’s eats.  Instead of trying to just eat healthy (which seems so simple until you get overwhelmed by what is “healthy” and all the choices), I thought I would stick to a certain list of allowed foods for a few days.  I’m going to shoot for just 4 strict days: Tuesday through Friday of next week.  Monday is Labor Day and I’ll be stuffing my face at the Renaissance Faire so that was out.  I might be camping next weekend so there will be hotdogs (nitrate free!) and s’mores so that was out too.  Gotta live your life too!

So I got this idea from flipping through the nutrition booklet that came with Focus T25

2014-05-09 11.02.38

I think that this is a great starting point and I will modify it a bit to my own personal preferences (like switching spinach for kale) and seasonal veggies (like zucchini).  Waiting until Tuesday to start gives me time to clean out the fridge and buy groceries.  I’ll come up with my own complete list of approved foods before then and post it here. 

I think this would be good for a number of reasons:

  • Simplify the stress of eating healthy.
  • Help get into better eating habits
  • Kickstart weight loss
  • Reduce tummy troubles

This is what I hope to gain from being strict for 4 days.  This doesn’t mean it is a free-for-all after the 4 days are over.  It is supposed to be a transition into better habits for the long term.  So that is my plan for next week.  I’ll keep food blogging through this weekend and let you guys know what my final list will be.

Anyone want to join me on my 4 day food challenge?  Pick 25 healthy foods to make your list!

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