Back to School Fall 2014

Well, yesterday didn’t go as planned…


I got up at 5:30 and managed to get out of the house right on time!  I had a coupon for a huge coffee at Dunkin Donuts.  There is one right near the train station so I grabbed that… and a muffin.  Whoops!  I got the reduced fat blueberry muffin thinking it would have less calories but it wasn’t worth the sacrifice for more sugar (and only 70 less calories).  I picked at it throughout the day and threw out about 1/4 of it.  I also brought 2 hard boiled eggs.


We had a meeting at lunch with free pizza and I have a hard time turning down free food.  I don’t have the liberty of some people of having a huge food budget so free is for me!

Our meeting was 12-1 and I had class at 3.  What I didn’t plan on was being so hungry during my 3 hour class.  This was just poor meal timing (but out of my hands due to the meeting).  I snacked a bunch during class.



We got out of class early at about 5:20.  There is a 5:46 train and the next one after that is at 7:12.  I was entirely too far to walk so I waited for the bus and managed to run into the train station around 5:40.  Yes!  Made it!  Seeing as I was cutting it so close, there was no time to heat up my dinner.  My lunchbox has also gotten really warm so I ate my yogurt (not hungry but I didn’t want to have to throw it out) and tossed my dinner (pork chops… I was really looking forward to them!).

When I got home, I was starving.  I was already high in calories for the day but with all the carbs and insufficient protein, my stomach was growling.  I grabbed a can of soup for something quick and easy.  This was the better option because I had to talk myself out of Chick’fil’a!  Pair it with a glass of wine.



Finally, I was feeling really blah but Rob came home and we relaxed on the couch and he made me feel better.  I was just tired and crashing from sugar.  I decided to have a small bowl of ice cream while we chilled on the couch.  This was a conscious treat and not a craving so I’m okay with that.  My calories were blown but it was a nice way to wind down.  I was ready to start over in the morning!

Calories:  2230
Fat:  89
Carbs:  269
Protein:  80

Wow, look at those carbs.  I just barely met my minimum protein level (80g).  Obviously yesterday was not a great way to start the semester and work will need to be done.  I think the thing I really need to work on is meal timing.  My thoughts:

7:00AM  Breakfast (on train)
10:00AM  Light Meal or Snack
2:00PM Lunch
6:30PM Dinner

That is really as often as I should need to eat.  I’m not a part of the “eat every 2-3 hours” club.  I like to eat full meals and go for hours.  It is actually very easy to do when you keep your carbs down and protein up.  You don’t get hungry as often and don’t get sugar crashes.  I hated snacking during class yesterday but I couldn’t really bust out my pork chops and roasted zucchini mid-lecture.

Luckily this schedule is only once per week so even if I have a high calorie/carb day once per week, things will be okay.  It is like calorie-cycling, right?!

Today, I only have to work this evening so I’m getting some things done this morning before taking an early train to school to do some errands before my shift.  I have a better plan for next week so I think I’m going to extend my food blogging indefinitely.  Maybe not this detailed but it really helps me and that is why I started this blog.  To help me lose weight!  So there ya go.  Oh, and classes went well!  Everything was review, basic stuff so a little boring but I love going to school so I was happy.  Haha, I’m such a geek!

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