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30-By-30 Week 4

I’ve decided to try to lose 30 pounds by my 30th birthday.  These are my progress updates.

Weight ???

I forgot to weigh in!  Seeing as we are about 1 month in (woohoo!), I will take complete measurements this weekend.  I don’t expect any changes though considering my weight hasn’t budged and my clothes feel the same.


Nutrition – Cakes and cookies and ice cream, Oh my!

DSC_6306This week was Rob’s birthday.  Not that it is an excuse but other than for birthdays and holidays, we don’t usually have cake and cupcakes in the house.  We also got ice cream because family was coming over and it was buy one get one free.  Plus, there was already a bit of mint chip left in the freezer so that’s right, 3 ice cream tubs.  Whoops.  And then the Girl Scouts are hawking their devilish cookies again!  One box down…

So, while I did a great job of tracking this week (not everything but I tried really hard and did way better than I had been), the sweets and treats just killed it.  I just don’t even want them in the house!

Fitness – Finding Balance

Instead of trying to kill myself to hit the gym on school days, I decided to give myself a free pass since I get so many steps.  I still need to work on getting more movement on the weekends though!

  • Friday – /
  • Saturday – Errands – 6,689 steps
  • Sunday – /
  • Monday – 2 Mile Jog
  • Tuesday – Step Fusion at the gym
  • Wednesday – /
  • Thursday – School – 10,975 steps

Sleep – Excellent

I have been sleeping way better!  I have no idea why but I’ll take it.  I am still staying in bed too long.  It seems my body has a certain time it likes to wake up and that’s it.  I need to work on shifting that time earlier to better utilize my day.

Mood – Happy but distracted

I was in a pretty fantastic mood all week but on Wednesday when I was doing homework, I felt completely distracted.  Now looking at the number of steps I had that day, I think I was just overtired from lack of activity.  Next time I can’t concentrate on my homework, I’ll make sure to do a mini workout.

Things I Did Well

Even though it might not seem like I did a lot of exercise this week, I definitely felt successful.  I also was impressed at how much I tracked my food.  I am still not 100% but I did way better than in recent weeks!  Finally, I reactivated my water tracker on my cell phone.  It reminds me every 2 hours to drink more water and has definitely been helping.  I didn’t realize how little water I had been drinking and now I am feeling much better due to the hydration!

Things to Work On

  • Track everything
  • Exercise on my days off
  • Drink more water

What did you do well this week?

Don’t forget to check in with Kristen.  Her goal is to lose 30 pounds by her 29th birthday in July!

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