This whole daylight saving time thing is really kicking my butt.  After coming back from Ireland, it was super easy to get up in the morning and I was so happy I was finally at that point!  Now, I’m starting all over again!  It doesn’t seem to matter what time I go to bed either.  Here’s my strategy:

  • Set the alarm for whatever time I want to get up
  • Hit snooze a few times if I want to but not dismiss until I am sure I am not getting up (this tends to wake me up a bit trying to hit snooze)
  • Have a second alarm set for an hour later than the first
  • Get up no matter what by the second alarm

The tactic should be “get up with first alarm” but its not.  This works for me.  I’ve tried getting up with the first alarm no matter what and it usually leads to a cranky Angela that ends up taking a nap mid-day.  But I may even shorten the second alarm to only a half hour after the first but right now, my body is still adjusting!

On another note, I rode my bike the measly 1.33 miles to campus yesterday.  It is always a learning curve when getting a new bike.  My seat wasn’t tight enough and I had to stop 2 times to adjust it but now its perfect.  Just by riding my bike though, I burned an extra 120 calories for the day!  The trade off is that my steps took a hit because I wasn’t walking to a from my car on campus.  So I probably broke even but I felt great when I got there and I always had the option of going for a leisurely ride at any time to get some energy back!  Down side of this week though is that I probably won’t be riding again (and the weather is beautiful!) because my legs are pretty tight and I need them to be rested for Saturday!

And since all you got was Spooky’s cuteness yesterday, I give you Cupcake and Otto today!


PS.  In case you missed it last night, I posted a video of how I cook dinner!

One thought on “Adjusting

  1. I set three alarms each morning, 5 minutes after each other. It wakes me up,and then by the third I have to roll out of bed haha
    Day light savings time TOTALLY screwed me up this weekend. Last night i went to bed at 9pm!! but I feel amazing today. Nothing like 9 hours of sleep.

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