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January Wrap Up

Wow I missed  a whole week of blogging!  Let’s do lots of pictures and less text today. Monday: Digging my sister out of her house Michele’s first time at Chipotle! Clothes shopping!  How do I look? Kitty Prison Spent most of Tuesday afternoon carrying this little cutie around! My treadmill needed some house cleaning.  Empty […]

Cats Health

Back Repair

I have an appointment for my chiropractor tomorrow!  Yay!  I know he takes drop ins too but I figured I would make an appointment to make it easier on the office.  I can’t wait to get straightened out.  My back just kept cracking all day, every time I moved (another sign I need to see […]

Cats Crafts

Crafts & Cats

I can’t believe there is less than a week and a half left until the Spring semester starts!  It seemed like it was such a long break but it goes by so fast.  I haven’t been doing that much with my break.  I’ve mostly been relaxing and straightening up the house.  I also have been […]

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