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April Festivities

Happy Monday everyone!  I have a moment to breathe!  Well, not literally, because my nose is beyond stuffy.

So I’ve been super busy lately.  The same weekend of the Atlantic City April Fool’s Day races was also Russian Orthodox Easter, which I host every year for my family.  We had a really great time and even had a few close friends stop by too.  Everyone is welcome!  Even if only a handful of people in attendance are actually Russian.

My mom took more pictures that I did, I was pretty exhausted and busy making sure everyone had food and drink (and boy was there a lot of food!)

Traditional Russian Easter Cheese (Paska) and  Bread (Kulich)

My Grandma, Dad, and Uncle

I think I overdid it a bit that weekend because my lingering allergies turned into full blown misery like 2 days later.  My body was just worn down.  This past weekend, I experience my very first sinus headache and I never want that to happen again!  It was awful.  Today, I was feeling better when I got up but now I’m all stuffed up again.  Let’s hope it starts to clear up in the next few days.

I think I got the headache because it was crazy dusty at the rugby game this weekend.

DSC_6930Not my husband

Thankfully, I had loads of free time Sunday to do lots of homework and be miserable with my headache. Rob was pretty freaking awesome too because he did all the meal prep for the week.  I’ll post about that later since this is getting a bit long.  Just wanted to check in and tell you all I am still alive!  I only have 9 days of classes left and 27 days until I graduate!  Bear with me for the next few weeks!

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