An Orthodox Baptism

Happy Monday!  I’m a little off today because I don’t have to be at work until 2:00 and I really don’t know what to do with myself.  I like to get up and go in the morning so this sitting around waiting is killing me.  What better to do than write a blog post, right?!  How about a fun recap of the week via pictures?  I’ll save the health and fitness stuff for another day.

I got some new clothes for the new job.  New York & Company was having an awesome clearance sale on their website.  I got a bunch of sweaters for the office, where its freezing cold all of the time.  Here are two that I wore last week!  So far, I love everything!

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I decorated my desk a tiny bit.  Einstein has always lived on every work desk I’ve had, even at grad school!  And Rob made me a jade plant to keep on my desk as well.

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I planned on being productive Friday after work but Stormageddon had other plans (the black blob).  He loves to snuggle under blankets.  How can I say no?

2016-04-08 16.30.28

Sunday, Rob and I went to breakfast and then headed out to do some grocery shopping.  When we were driving home, it started to rain and then snow.  We just laughed it off but a few hours later, Rob got called into work to salt sidewalks and clear out the snow.  It was coming down hard!  I just locked myself inside with the heat cranked up.

2016-04-09 14.21.34

Sunday, we had a family baptism.  My parents are Russian Orthodox and so am I, despite going to Catholic school up through 6th grade.  My sister and her husband converted before they were married.  Their 2 youngest children and oldest daughter were never baptized so they did that while they were here visiting for the week.


My parents are in the top left photo, standing behind the priest.  In the Orthodox church, a priest can be married so my dad has been studying and training for that.  He is currently a deacon and assists in the services.  My mom sings in the choir.  The baptism took place during the Sunday service.  It started an hour before service with prayers over the people being baptized.  During the service, the priest blesses the person with oils and then they were baptized in the holy water.  Then they make 3 passes around the church and take communion with the rest of the parishioners.  At the end of the service, the priest presents them with their first orthodox cross (necklace).


The services took a few hours on Sunday (the service alone is normally an hour and a half without the baptism).  We went to the coffee hour in the church hall afterwards to say hello to everyone.  It is a very small church and I pretty much know everyone from when I attended regularly in high school.  It was nice to see everyone!

Sunday night, I prepped food for the week and hung out with my sister’s family for a little while since they are leaving for home today (South Carolina).  It was a nice way to end the weekend!

What is something interesting about your family?

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