Back Repair

I have an appointment for my chiropractor tomorrow!  Yay!  I know he takes drop ins too but I figured I would make an appointment to make it easier on the office.  I can’t wait to get straightened out.  My back just kept cracking all day, every time I moved (another sign I need to see my chiro).

The muscles are feeling much more relaxed today but still very sore.  At least I can use my left arm again without pain.  I still feel hunched over though and can’t wait to get that fixed.  I am thinking about starting regular visits to my chiro since I’ve had all these injuries due to misalignment lately.  I think it has always been a problem (I would often get hip pain on my left side) but I had never gone to the chiro so I didn’t know.  My insurance will cover my visits so why not utilize it?

Harper_YogaFor improved back, alignment, and body relief, I plan on doing some yoga tonight.  I have several DVDs and have yet to decide which one I want to do.  I think I need some serious movement and not just stretching so Bob Harper’s Yoga  for the Warrior might be a good choice.  I haven’t done it in so long though, I can’t remember just how hard it is.  I want something a little harder than my morning yoga DVD though!

Speaking of DVDs, I have been seriously debating on canceling my gym through the end of the semester.  With such little time I have to get there, I feel like it is such a waste!  We have a full weight area on our porch but it has been overrun with clutter and its too stinkin’ cold outside to use it right now.  Once it is warm though, I could use that.  Inside, the cats can be a problem when I’m working out, but at least it is free and I can do it on my own time.


Once it is warm enough too, I can start C25K over again in my fancy schmancy new pain-free sneakers.  I’ll talk to Rob about it before I decide anything.  Right now, it is just an idea.  I am worried that without the membership though, I will be even less accountable with working out at home.  I enjoy going to the gym when I do.

Besides, I can’t go sit in the sauna and hot tub without a membership!  Right, this is a terrible idea…

Do you visit a chiropractor regularly?



3 thoughts on “Back Repair

  1. LOVE my chiro. He’s awesome. He really is the reason that I am still able to run and exercise. My chiro from where we used to live got me through all 4 of my pregnancies pain free. With hips that are always out of alignment, he was necessary! I’m picky though and saw some crazies too! My current chiro and my physical therapist happen to go to a lot of the same workshops so my care is very consistent! Love them both…

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