I don’t even know where to start. Am I making excuses? Am I just being lazy? No. I feel terrible.

I may have overdone it with the gluten-eating this weekend for my Celiac test. I am still working on finishing the leftover pizza I have from the weekend (I’m not going to waste it by throwing it away). Besides eating gluten over the weekend, I ate a lot of junk too. Bad bad bad.

But that is not the point of this blog. The point is that I really do feel awful. Not only do I have the usual stomach problems that come along with eating bread in my life, but I have this ridiculous amount of lethargy and brain-fuzziness. I can barely concentrate enough to write this! This does not bode well for getting work done either.

The lethargy is a real thing also, it is not laziness. This morning, I overslept after my alarm for about an hour and a half! I had no sense of time when I finally got up. Even when I got up, I didn’t want to and had to drag myself about the house. Because of this oversleeping, I didn’t have enough time for my workout either.

And of course we all know that working out makes us feel better. I can barely drag myself to walk around the house though; a run wouldn’t go very well. Also, seeing as how clouded my mind feels , there is no inner cheerleader to get me through the tiredness. There is just no energy, physically or mentally.

Maybe I should throw that pizza in the trash.

Basically, I wanted to let you guys know that this tiredness and such is a real thing. If you have days where you just feel crummy and can’t figure out how to bring yourself out of it, think back to what you ate the last few days. Too much sugar? Too much starch? Too much alcohol? There is probably a cause. Feeling like this is not normal.

emoticon Here’s to getting back to Paleo. Because I can’t stand feeling like this!!

8 thoughts on “Carb-Crappy

  1. That sucks. Toss that pizza in the trash. It’s just not worth it! I think the few bucks you’ll be ‘wasting’, will be better spent on energy, and motivation!

  2. I’m so sorry you’re feeling poorly!

    Complaining is what “fuels” me. I complain but it’s not an excuse. It’s a pressure-valve. I complain, then I get up and do. I try not complaining but I still FEEL badly and end up being DEPRESSED from REPRESSING what I’m feeling! OR I end up “comfort eating” — with my iffy-guts, even if it’s “my foods,” it’s too much.

    When you get your results, you already know this stuff makes you feel poorly. You’re not alone. What I’ve found seems to be what you’ll see sprinkled throughout literature: it’s personal. While many things go across the board (like grains and legumes), it’s not common for people to have a problem with broccoli (and I love it but can’t digest it after spending weeks trying various options–I can eat the stems!).

    When you get rid of the things causing you harm, what a gift!

    1. I completely agree with tiffany! After eating bad I feel horrible. Then I get depressed and start with the negative talk. Then I sleep. Then I eat. Its a horrible cycle! Just take one day at a time! today is a new day!

      1. While I usually do spout tons of advice, I can’t take credit for Lily’s comment! She rocks way too much to lose the credit! Go Lily!

    2. You are all right!!! And I have to agree Lily about the complaining thing. I think I am the same way. If I don’t tell someone how I’m feeling, I’ll explode!!! Or you know, eat a carton of ice cream. Better to just blog about it!

  3. Toss the pizza. It’s not worth it. Get in a few good paleo days and you’ll feel much better. I know that it takes about 15 days to fully leave your system and even longer to fully heal your gut, but after a few good days of water and paleo, you should start to lose the cloud! Good luck! And what a luck girl you are to have all of the knowledge of Lily…she’s been through so much and she has such great insight! Yeah, Lily!!! We’ll have to work on her to make the drive to St. Louis to cheer us on in Oct!

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