Cat Distractions

Happy Friday!  This week has been a bit of a blur.  There was a lot of this:

2013-12-17 18.54.212013-12-19 09.35.57
2013-12-17 10.41.58

Then I would go home and there would be a lot of this:


They were pestering me, even when I set my cat-distraction-trap called opening the bedroom door.  We don’t let them in there so when we do, its like a treat.  Well, they could care less because it’s like they knew I was trying to study and couldn’t pet them.  So it was back to Starbucks again!

US_IClogo_RibbonBugSo far, three classes are done.  I have a take-home final due Sunday.  I plan on working all day tomorrow on that.  Today, I have to run some errands and a craft show to do with my Arbonne products.  I am super excited because my friend (and upline manager), Callista, who I have known since middle school, is also coming.  Hopefully between the two of us, we will have a good show!

Again, tomorrow is studying and also cookie baking!  On Sunday, I have a cookie exchange party.  I will spend the morning working more on the final and/or decorating and packaging the cookies for the parties.  Sunday night will be last minute emergency final finishing.  And guess what?  On Monday, I’m home free!  But there’s no slacking in my life.  I have plans to be productive over break.  I’ll let you in on those details in another blog (although I still have to get ready for Christmas so I need at least a day for that!)

I almost forgot!  One last piece of normal life news.  We have a new friend!

2013-12-19 08.27.00Can we keep him??

It just appeared a few days ago and I’ve been putting out food.  I didn’t see it this morning.  I hope it sticks around!  It looks like it’s still a kitten, only a few months old.  I don’t need any more house cats but I wouldn’t mind taking care of an outside cat.  It can keep our garages and chicken coop mouse-free!  And its so cute.  Maybe it will warm up to us Smile


Health & Fitness

ScaleOMGI finally got new batteries for my scale.  Quick side story – we shopped around for batteries.  Those little stinkers are expensive!  I needed C2032 batteries and they were over $5 each at Staples.  Well, we found them at Harbor Freight for $1.99 for a 4 pack!  Ha!  So what if they are off brand, it’s just to weigh myself once in a while.

Anyway, I weighed myself and am at 176.6lbs right now.  That is about 3-4 lbs down from last time.  Woohoo!  But its still too high and I know I can easily maintain at this weight.  I have some other measurements and calculations to do and I’ll report more next week (because it goes along with my 2014 goals).  It should be easier for me to get back into good habits while on break since I won’t be running around, out of the house for 12 hours a day, with temptations at every corner (literally).

Now, I must be off to start those errands!

Do you have any holidays parties this weekend?  What are your plans?

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  1. We have a wedding shower actually this weekend for my brother and future sister in law and then it is cookie making time! I can’t wait! Also, santa is coming to our house on sunday 🙂

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