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Getting Ready for Christmas

Merry Christmas Eve!  Finals are finally over.  I still have work I want to do over break but I’m not going to talk about that here!  At least it will be something to keep me busy?  There are other things though like getting my house in order, organizing, putting things away, etc.  Usually around Midterms, things start to go haywire in the house and nothing gets fixed until the semester is over!

Anyway!  This weekend was spent finishing my take home final and prepping for Christmas.  I felt like death again on Saturday and couldn’t write a word for my final so my mom came over and helped me make cookies for a party I had.  We had a good time between the pains and also managed to package them and make a Frosty (the snowman) Hat for displaying them (the top is the lid of the can so it comes off)

It was a cookie exchange party.  I made White Chocolate Cranberry Pistachio Cookies.  Email me for the recipe!

The party was Sunday and was really nice… and fast.  It seemed like everyone had somewhere to be or something to do, like I had to leave to finish my final.  It was really nice seeing the group of girls – it was at Lauren’s house and all her friends are awesome.  I love it when she has parties!

Today is nothing but cleaning and prep!  We have everyone over for Christmas Breakfast.  It varies each year how many people come and it sounds like this year is going to be a doozy!  So we’ve got to get ready!  And tomorrow, I’m going to attempt to take pictures of friends and family.  Imagine that!?  I’ve noticed I don’t do that anymore.  I used to be party photographer many years ago.  Let’s bring that back Smile

Health & Fitness

I mentioned that I was feeling bad again.  I guess I didn’t mention in my previous posts, I have been to the doctor in the past (years ago) for this particular ailment and they just tell me to take antacids.  Basically they treat the symptoms (as many doctors do) instead of looking for the trigger.  That I why I am just trying to figure it out on my own.  As soon as the Christmas treats are gone and I have a chance to meal plan, I’m going to be pretty darn strict about what I eat.  It is time to heal my gut!

On another note, I was talking to one of Lauren’s friends at the party and she goes to an allergist.  I have been looking for one so I got the doctor’s name and his office is only one town over so I’ll be making an appointment to get some of my “issues” figured out.  I have an allergy to some medications so I want to get that nailed down first.  I had been putting it off because I don’t like going to a random doctor.  I would rather get a recommendation from someone.  I know, silly, but it is what it is.  I don’t trust most doctors.  But at least its getting handled now!

Now, I must get going to get ready for tomorrow.  So much to do!  At least I got the grocery shopping over with which was a nightmare yesterday.  I don’t have to go anywhere today Smile

Does your family have any holiday traditions?  Do you celebrate on the Eve or the day of?

We always had church on Christmas Eve.  Then we would listen to my mom’s Bring Crosby record and set things out (like cookies).  It was always my favorite time!  Then we house-hopped Christmas day to make sure to see all the family!  Now, Rob and I just spend the day before cleaning and the day of trying to see everyone.  I guess its mostly the same!

1 comment to Getting Ready for Christmas

  • kristen

    I hope the new doc can figure whats going on!
    For Christmas Eve, my immediate family gets together and then we go to church and see lights. This year I work 🙁

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