Clean Eating Packing Challenges

Today started off really well.  The hubby being so supportive and all made sure to add some veggies to my morning omelet (mushrooms) and omitted the cheese just in case I wasn’t supposed to have it.  Isn’t he the best?!  I forgot to take a picture of the omelet but you know what that looks like!  I should note though that I use 2 whole eggs rather than egg whites.  First, I can’t stand the thought of wasting the yolks and second, they are packed full of nutrients.  I don’t have any reason to switch to whites!  Ok, here’s everything else!

 Oatmeal with cranberries, coconut, and ground flax seed.
 Totally forgot NOT to put sugar in my coffee.  Oops!  Iced coffee with sugar and Hazelnut coconut milk creamer.
 Carrots and organic hummus
 Romaine with ham, radishes, green peppers, olive oil dressing.
  This was way too low in calories so I headed down to the coffee shop to get a snack and something to go with lunch.  They didn’t have any fruit (I asked earlier) but when I went back they had made fruit salad!  Ha!  How nice of them 🙂
 I added a half a bagel with a little butter.  It was fresh baked at the coffee shop so I’ll assume its probably “clean”.
 The fruit salad that they made for me!  🙂  And some almonds.
Dinner:  Tilapia, Jasmine rice, and zucchini.
After run (5 miles) snack:  Mini organic multigrain bagel with All Natural Jif.  Now, this natural peanut butter does have added sugar and a little oil but I’m ok with that.  Because its DELICIOUS!
So I guess today isn’t exactly “clean” according to Tosca (woman who wrote the Eat Clean Diet books) but I am just happy that nothing was really processed and I didn’t end up eating out.  I also didn’t cave into anything bad when I was stuck with only half a lunch and forgetting to pack my afternoon fruit.  Tomorrow will be much better!  Already have my lunch planned and I will remember my apple this time 🙂

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