Farm, Chickens, Kittens & More!

I was really trying to think of a good title. Haha. Anyway! This weekend has been going well so far! Very relaxing! I really need to clean and do laundry at some point though. Perhaps tomorrow šŸ™‚

Last night, Rob and I just wanted to hang out together so we headed over to Bonefish Grill (chain restaurant) for a glass of wine and appetizers. We ended up eating dinner too but had a really nice time just sitting at the bar together!

I woke up this morning and headed out to run with Lauren. Its been too long since I ran with her! Our run was hit and miss. My Garmin didn’t turn on right away, Lauren’s leg was hurting, and then my calves were killing. Considering all the walking, we didn’t do too bad, 3.6 miles in 44 minutes. 

I headed home and decided to check on my garden. It is looking great! These planters boxes are doing wonders!

I also checked in on the chickens. What is wrong with this picture?  Hint: There is a rooster in this picture and roosters don’t lay eggs…

 I decided I wanted to head out to the Mays Landing Hometown festival for a bit to walk around. I knew there wouldn’t be much I wanted there but I really just wanted to walk around outside. Rob agreed to go with the promise of subs or pizza for dinner. Haha! It is in historic Mays Landing with some pretty buildings

The food choices were pretty slim at the festival (I count at least 6 instances of the word “fried” in this picture!) 

I wasn’t really looking for anything to eat but we had met up with my sister (who lives right on the street the festival was on) and she said these empenadas were amazing so I got one. She was right!

We also stopped at the bakery in town, B2 which specializes in brownies. Yum! I got a peanut butter cake pop. It was like peanut butter cup filling on a stick. Delicious! 

I didn’t get much else, just some Tupperware (a lady was selling “cash and carry” so they were discounted and I needed an ice tea container! Perfect!)

We headed home and stopped for subs (didn’t get a good picture). On the way into the house, Rob noticed a butterfly! I took a couple more pictures of my mom’s flowers too.

 And finally, some kitty pictures! Rob says the cats don’t like him but I beg to differ…

 Spooky is still not happy about these kitten things. I have caught her actually playing with them though! Oh, and the peeing thing? She is in heat again!!!! Its been like a month and she’s been in heat at least 3 out of 4 weeks. Ugh!

 That is Cupcake
 And that is Otto.  Otto has adopted me. He seriously loves licking my nose and will take naps on my belly. He ignores Rob most of the time. Haha! (Actually, he just fell asleep in my lap!) 
More excitement to come tomorrow!

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