Groceries for One

Groceries for One

Its been a long time since I last had to buy groceries for one person.  And besides, when I was buying for one, way back when, I wasn’t healthy about it at all.  I had no idea what I was supposed to be eating.  I just got whatever sounded good.  My shopping now requires much greater strategy.  So here is what I got for my week at school:

DSCN5721 (800x600)

LOTS of veggies as you can see. I also got some pork chops which aren’t pictured.  At the time they were in my cooler (I was headed straight to class so I brought along my giant lunch box filled with ice packs!).  Here is the strategy I used:

  1. Grab a Basket – This will not only give me a workout from carry around weight but it will also prevent me from grabbing crap I don’t need (because its heavy and I only have so much space in that little basket).
  2. Hit the Veggies Hard – Rob isn’t a fan of veggies so now it my chance to load up!  I figured for lunches this week I could do salads and I could use the leftover veggies from the packages for omelets and sides with dinners.  The mushrooms and spinach will go in my omelet while the broccoli will go great with those pork chops I got.
  3. Find Things on Sale – I had a really hard price comparing in the veggie department because things aren’t labeled price per pound.  Anyway, I made sure in the meat department to really look at labels.  Although chicken was cheaper than pork, I was having chicken on my salads.  Need to have a variety in my diet!  And the Perdue Short Cuts for my salad were buy 1 get 1.  Sweet!  It was just enough for 4 lunches!
  4. Buy Only What You Can Use – Remember I won’t be here on weekends.  I don’t want to come back on Monday to rotten food.  My pork chop package had only 3 chops.  Just enough for the week for me!
  5. Avoid the Aisles  – There really wasn’t anything I needed in the aisles but salad dressing.  I had found a good Yogurt based dressing by the lettuce though so I was golden!  I find that the aisles are where I throw crap I don’t need into my basket (cookies, cereal, cool products, but you don’t do that with broccoli, cabbage, etc. lol).

So that’s it!  And remember I said I was headed straight to class?  I had brought a bowl with me for my lunch and assembled my salad in the car before going to my office.  LoL!

DSCN5722 (800x600)

School Update
There is just a whole lot of this going on:

DSCN5719 (800x600)DSCN5720 (800x600)

  • Math take home final due today
  • Optics last class today
  • Optics homework due tomorrow
  • Quantum take home final due tomorrow
  • Optics paper due Friday
  • Optics final on Monday

Then I can relax!  Woohoo!

OneDayToday is a Macy’s One Day Sale.  They have a 10 piece  set of Stainless Steel Pots on sale for $30!!  I also need a down blanket for my apartment and they have a bunch on sale.  Or you know, I could buy presents for Christmas or something…  LoL!  I might go check it out!

One thought on “Groceries for One

  1. I do the same thing when grocery shopping, I try to avoid the inner isles as much as possible b/c like you said, all the bad stuff is in the isles! LOL

    I have never had to shop for 1, so I bet it can be tough to make sure there is minimal waste. If there is any leftovers by the end of the week, yu can always bring them back home with you and make a stew or something to eat when at your apartment.

    That’s a really good deal for the pot set, too good to pass up, that’s for sure!!!

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