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Local Eats: Shea’s Café & Bakery

Ok, so far I’ve been to this place twice now (I know, I am slow at blogs lately!!!) and have loved it both times!  I was voted best breakfast blah blah something or another but a local paper.  Whatever!  Friends told me it was good and I should go.  So I went.

DSCN6573DSCN6571First time there, we arrived on a Sunday around noon and oh my gosh it was packed!  He told us a half hour wait and we waited over an hour!!  We stayed though because we were there already and he gave me a free bottle of water when I asked for a glass of water.  Besides, it was beautiful out so waiting in the sun was nice!

We had hear amazing things about their Cinnamon Swirl Pancakes and I was drawn in by the specials board on the Amaretto Stuffed French Toast:



Oh Wow.  That is all I really need to say.  The whipped cream was home made, and everything about both dishes was amazing!  Except for one little thing.  We had waited so long I wanted something savory, not sweet, but I was told how good the sweet stuff was so I got it anyway.  At least it was SO DELICIOUS that I didn’t care.  LoL.  I only ate maybe half of my plate and just couldn’t do it anymore!

Next time we went (yesterday), we remembered to call ahead!  They let you call ahead and get you name on the wait list.  We were early enough that there wasn’t a wait yet but he took our name anyway and there was one by the time we got there.  Phew!  So Rob decided to behave a little bit better (last time, it was his cheat meal) and ended up with Cream Chipped Beef and I definitely wanted something savory.  They have these amazing looking Eggs Benedict on the menu with different toppings but then the waitress mentioned the Seashore Omelet and I was sold.


DSCN6670This was by far the best breakfast I have ever had!  Seriously!  It was jam packed with seafood (fresh crab and shrimp).  It was like an egg white taco.  Haha.  And I like how they only put a little bit of sauce for flavor.  It wasn’t swimming in it.  The only downside is that this dish with all its seafood was a little expensive at $16.  Eek.  Totally worth every penny!  But maybe I can’t get it every time…

And finally, the best part about this place?  Lou!  I think he is the owner (pretty darn sure) and he is the host when you walk in.  He has the most amazing personality.  You feel like you are in a big room of friends, just hanging out.  He goes around talking to everyone and he moves a mile a minute.  The food is amazing but Lou’s personality and the atmosphere makes the wait seem like nothing!

So any time you are in the Atlantic City Area, take the quick trip to the mainland and check out this place!  (Oh and call me so I can come with you!)

Shea’s Cafe & Bakery
195 S New York Rd, Galloway, NJ
(609) 748-7000 ?(Call ahead!!!)

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