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Last week was Atlantic City Restaurant Week and I’m lucky enough to live in the area.  I was able to come home a little early from school (to avoid a snowstorm that never came), and this gave me the chance to tag along with my sister to Steve & Cookie’s Restaurant in Margate, NJ.  We had been there for the first time ever back in January for my mom’s birthday but I never wrote about it, even though I loved it!

The décor is very warm and cozy.  It has the look and feel of an old historic home on one side of the building and a slightly more up-scale feel on the other side.  They had live music both nights we were there.

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For Restaurant week, there is a set menu that is $15.13 for lunch and $33.13 for dinner for 3 courses (there is generally at least 2 choices for each course).  Back in January, I loved the food (regular menu).  I ordered the special that day – the Lamb Shank – and it was one of the best I’ve had!


This time around, I got the Butter Poached Clams while my sister got the Lobster Mac & Cheese for appetizers.  Both top of the line dishes.  The Mac & Cheese was very large though and could be easily shared with others (or even had for a meal!).


For dinner, most of the table got Leidy’s Double-Cut Stuffed Pork Chop with “granny smith apples. applewood smoked bacon, farmhouse white cheddar, smashed sweet potatoes, Jack Daniels glaze”.


It was absolutely delicious!  Sadly, mine was a little undercooked because it was slightly thicker than the others served.  I could have sent it back but I just kept it for lunch the next day and cooked it more before eating it.  No problem!  I’m sure they would have helped me out if I had said something but it was no big deal to me.

For dessert, I ordered the Brownie Pie which they are known for.  It is basically a brownie baked in a cookie crust.  I got it the first time I was there also but with ice cream on top which really added a special touch.  Definitely get it “a la mode”!


Sorry for the dull photos.  It was dark once our food was served and I won’t use my flash in such a nice restaurant!  I learned only after this dinner that there is an “indoor” setting on my phone camera!

So, Steve & Cookie’s is now on of my new favorites in the area for high end dining.  We have lots of restaurants in the casinos but I like the feel of an old, local place.  The food was delicious and well worth the cost.  All of the servers and staff were attentive but not overbearing.  It is a little on the higher side price-wise with my Lamb Shank at $28.  (Remember the Restaurant Week price is a special thing) but still affordable for a special night out.  I will definitely be going back!

Steve & Cookie’s
9700 Amherst Avenue • Margate City • NJ • (609) 823-1163


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    1. LoL! I have to say, my Mom got the salmon when we went back in January and it was also excellent! I had a hard time choosing at restaurant week because it was also on the menu! Next time 😉

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