Old Lady’s Spring Break

Last week was spring break for school, but I was still expected to get work done so all I really did was read and clean.  I know, I’m so exciting, such a party animal!  There were a couple interesting things going on.

First, Rob and I are cutting the fat from our monthly budget which means our Starbucks habit had to go.  In order to convince Rob of this, we got a small, cheap espresso machine.  Seeing as I used to be a barista, I knew I could work this to my advantage!


We are already doing better at having our coffee at home!  And I’m loving frothy milk in my regular coffee.  Yum!!  This is way cheaper than Starbucks!  And I don’t have to leave the house!

The only other fun thing I did was an Estate Sale my sister and I stumbled over one day.  It was at an antique dealer’s house so it.was.amazing.


We had so much fun and called my mother-in-law too because she also love antiques.  Here are my goodies. 


A Victorian doorbell, some apothecary bottles, a Russian tablecloth and napkins, and a silverware chest.  The tablecloth will be great for Russian Easter this year!  The bottles were mostly for Rob as he collects them.  The doorbell was just really cool.  They are having another sale in April and I need to go again!

20130316_090731I also visited a graduate school I’ve been looking at for an open house.  It was great.  I loved the environment and the people I met and just got a good vibe.  I had recently applied for the fall semester.  Well, I got an email today…

I was accepted!!

Now I just have to figure out how to pay for it but I’m going!!  I am so crazy excited!  This means I will be even more busy the next few months finishing up school here.  Can you believe it?!

20130317_181926The only other exciting thing this weekend was that I finally hung my picture collage.  Didn’t it come out cool?  Now, I just have to get the pictures for the frames.   I had to hang them first to decide on direction (vertical/horizontal) before getting photos.  I think I will do all black and white in it.  Looks even better in person!

I also baked some Paleo muffins but it was a bit of a flop and I will try again next weekend or whenever I have the time.  They were just very crumbly  I’ll definitely use cupcake cups next time.  I’ll share the recipe when its ready!


So, I really just spent the whole break hiding and working.  I had all these grand plans to get stuff done and see people but I just ended up staying home working and vegging out.  At least I got stuff done but it would have been nice to actually hang out with friends too!  Maybe next time…  LoL.  Also, fitness and health were the last thing on my mind as you can probably tell from my posts.  I’m doing better already this week but we’ll talk about that later.  Its time to get focused with everything!

4 thoughts on “Old Lady’s Spring Break

  1. Woo Hoo! Congrats on Grad School. And I think I need an at-home espresso maker. I still use an old drip coffee maker but I love getting espressos out of the house, even though I know they are way more expensive. It is my spring break now and I have been sick and went to the doctor this morning, if it makes you feel any better about not doing anything!

    1. Part of the appeal of Starbucks for me is actually going to Starbucks so the machine doesn’t quiet capture it for me but it is better than trying to go cold turkey!
      I hope you are feeling better!!

  2. totally love the picture wall…and congrats on grad school! Yeah! No more apartment, right!?!? I solved my muffin trouble by using silicone pans. Everything just pops out. I especially love it for egg cupcakes. And don’t feel bad about “doing nothing” sometimes we just need to chill. Especially since you’ve been under tons of stress and sick…just a great time for your body to recuperate and recharge. Happy Spring!

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