Marathon, Here I Come!

Big news!  I have been keeping it a secret but I decided on my first marathon.  I’ll be doing the DC Rock and Roll Marathon in March!

Some online friends from Spark People were talking about participating in the half.  I got this crazy idea to see if there was a full that day too (the Philadelphia one is on a half which I am doing in September).  Anyway, there was and registration opened yesterday.  So I took the leap!  26.2 miles!!!

In other news…  I officially got accepted into Grad School!  The school is in Delaware and is a small program but has excellent research opportunities.  I want to go but will only be able to do so if I get the funding.  I am going to send back my acceptance letter and work it out from there.  A little birdie told me I got the funding but I haven’t seen that in writing yet.  Let’s hope!!!  I will commute from home for the first year and then probably get an apartment for the weekdays after that.  Rob has too good of a job to just get up and move.

My day was just excellent yesterday.  Work was low key.  I got this cute guy while on my lunch break:

He is a tea infuser!  The tea leaves go in the bottom part (you can’t see it, he is sitting in a little holder) and he floats in your tea cup.  HOW CUTE!!!  I can’t wait to try it out!  Anyway, after work, I decided I had to go run.  I made a promise to my Spark Friends (in my blog there) that I would run yesterday and I did!  I cut my 6 miles to 4 because it was so freakin hot.  Also, my gate just felt off and my left ankle hurt so I didn’t want to push it.  I still got a good sweat in.  Rob rode his bike and offered to carry my water for me.  He is the best!

I am standing a little funny in that picture.  LoL, I don’t know what I was doing.  Anyway!  We went to a park sort of nearby and ran the 2 mile loop.  We saw lots of beautiful animals!  The deer were literally 5-10 feet off the “road” (its a road that just runs through the park so no traffic).

I just thought it was cool that the leaf was hanging on a spider web.  It looked awesome in person.  And the rabbit?  Wasn’t scared of me at all.  Just sat there as I got closer for pictures.  Haha!  Love that park!  Oh and its mostly shaded so it made my extremely hot run at least a little cooler.  Let’s hope its cooler for the weekend when I have my long run!

2 thoughts on “Marathon, Here I Come!

  1. The leaf is really neat – I took a similar picture over the lakeshore when we were in the Poconos…
    Glad you got your run in a good shaded spot…how was the foot!?!?
    I did my long run yesterday instead of the weekend since my hubs was home…it went well!

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