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I need a little advice.  Anyone know of any websites where I can post a portfolio of pictures but keep them protected?  I can’t remember if I mentioned it but a few weeks back, the photographer for MudManX (the mud run we did) contacted me to get Rob to shoot with them for the next event.  I mentioned we could both do it so we’ll be there on November 3rd!  I’m so excited!  But he asked me if I had a portfolio website.  I only have my personal site (which has my wedding photos on it which I did not take).  I want to start a new one with just my “artsy” photos.  Suggestions?  Thoughts?  I know this isn’t a photography blog but I thought maybe someone would have advice!

And since we’re on the subject, check out these photos I took this morning:


And of course, I also have pictures of the adorableness:


And I finally have proof!  Stormageddon does indeed have stripes!


Ok, enough of the kitties.  I have hundreds of photos of them.  They are just too easy to get good photos from!

Health & Fitness

Yesterday, I had a midterm in one of my two classes.  I have had a wicked headache all week long.  It is a combination of things, mostly stress and dehydration.  I am working on getting my water in today for better concentration!  On the bright side, I didn’t think the midterm was that bad except one question.  I think I did well despite not feeling well!

I did not work out yesterday but I hope to squeeze something in today.  But most important is that I have a ton of work to do.  Maybe later, if I need a break, I will put on the Kinect and play a little.  I plan on doing my long run on Sunday morning this week.

Alright, time to get some serious Physics done!  Its going to be a long day!!  Happy Friday!

Do you enjoy photography?  Have you ever done it professionally?

This will be my first hired shoot but I have always loved taking pictures.  I did my sister’s wedding photos for her and I think they came out pretty good!  And that was 4 years ago!  I feel like I have gotten better even since then.

4 thoughts on “Picture Happy

  1. I’m long on Google…I used to store my photos in Picasa (each folder had levels of privacy) and then they merged them into Google+.

    Re: photography My degree is in Film/ Photography (back when you used FILM, chemicals and dark rooms).

    1. Yes, we found the Maine Coon first and fell in love with her.

      Then the rest are from my husband’s work site where they have a stray cat problem. We had agreed to stop at 3 but they all were indifferent to my hubs. Then he found Stormageddon who he instantly bonded with so he brought him home too.

      Its crowded enough! We’re not getting any more!

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