Recipe Interwebs

Recipe Interwebs

With my new motivation for a stricter diet (weight loss, more energy, better digestion, etc.), I was at a bit of a loss for some new recipes.  I really, really want to be more Paleo (like a 5th Shade of Paleo), so it was an even bigger challenge for me.  First, I bought this HUGE container of lettuce at BJs Wholesale.  Now, I sit, and stare, and wonder how much is going to go bad before I eat it.  Instead, I went on the hunt for a solution and decided to share some websites I’ll be using for the next few weeks.

On a side note, for those of you with a (real) Kindle (verses the Kindle reader on my cell phone) and with Amazon Prime, did you know you can “borrow” books from their library?  And “Well Fed” (a Paleo cookbook) is available to borrow for free!  So jealous…  I have Prime but no real Kindle…  Anyway!  On to my websites!

PunchFork– I’ve talked about them before and still love them!  Tons and tons of interesting, easy recipes all in one place, including Paleo contributors.  (Nom Nom Paleo is my favorite one!)  And a great search function!

paleOMG – I keep hearing people rave about her recipes so I guess I’ll have to give it a try!

Against All Grain – This is a new one I found via Facebook.  So far, I’ve liked what she’s shared.  Today is pumpkin donuts topped with maple glaze and bacon bits.  How you can say no??

Elana’s Pantry – I used her Paleo Bread recipe before and loved it!  Her website is packed full of recipes so I’ll definitely be looking for more!

Fresh Express – This one is totally not a Paleo website at all but it will help me figure out what to do with all that lettuce I bought!  A lot of product websites like this have recipe sections (I also love Chicken of the Sea‘s recipes).  Perfect place to look for ideas!!

So those are all I’ve got so far.  I’ve also got a few books on Paleo that I’ll be referencing.  But there are so many websites out there, I just like to stick to a core few.  My friend Esther and I also have a shared Pinterest board to share recipes with each other so I’ll be checking there too (she posts more often than me, lol).  I really think I’ll be using that Fresh Express website a lot though 🙂

What are some websites you use to find tasty, easy recipes?

2 thoughts on “Recipe Interwebs

  1. I subscribe to a few of these as well! paleoOMG has some great recipes! I am going to have to try PunchFork!
    Im trying to clean up my diet too. After having everyone at my house this weekend, I realized how much better I felt eating cleaner. And tiffany is just full of knowledge (I asked her a billion ?s haha)

  2. I have used some of those sites as well…and I have several Paleo cookbooks. I just made an oldie but goodie last night…had forgotten how yummy it was! How’d it get out of the rotation!!?!? You really will eventually get to the point where the yummy taste of “offensive” foods isn’t as good as feeling better. 😉

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