Remodeling Day 3: Unhelpful Home Depot

We had the worst trip to Home Depot yesterday!  We needed to get another gallon of paint for the bedroom and headed over.  The man at the paint counter just stood there arguing with us!  We had gotten paint without the primer because we were going over flat white walls.  Well, held told us that we had bought the premium plus which has primer in it.  No amount of arguing would do anything so we just told him to just make the stupid paint. 
Off we went to blades.  There, we had 2 different people arguing with Rob about what kind of blade he needed to cut flooring.  They all kept missing the point that we needed a fine blade so we wouldn’t splinter the wood.  Ugh!  Finally, when we checked out, the paint was $6 more than the other stuff so that means we bought the paint without the primer the first time like we said!  Worst HD trip ever!  Luckily the different kind of paint seems to have taken well and matched the other paint.  I was just hoping it would be ok since paint isn’t returnable (even if they are the ones who made it wrong!!)
So that room is finally done painting!  We will take the tape off today and the flooring is going in on Saturday so you all have to wait until then šŸ™‚  We still have a lot to do in the main room
My cousins will be over today to take anything they like/find sentimental.  Then I think we have a place for all of the furniture (or almost all, at leat the big stuff).  Once this room is cleared, we pull up the pink carpet and linolium and get to dusting, taping, and painting!  So as you can see, not much to report for yesterday.  I mostly scanned pictures after the painting was done.  I was shot by 9PM (usual bed time for me).  I don’t take lack of sleep very well!
I did have some delicious foods yesterday.  I threw together a quick lunch.  I made this salad because I wanted to use my feta cheese… And I forgot to put feta on it.  LOL!

It was highly delicious though!  My coworkers laughed that I brought a can of tuna and a can opener in my lunch box.  I figured it was just easier that way!  Anyway, my mom made soup yesterday with some things she had in the fridge.  It was delicious!  She doesn’t have a recipe, I asked.  She just threw it together (that is where I get my cooking style from!).  Anyway, it had beets, celery, spinach, onions, diced tomatoes… And I don’t know what else!  It was very light and yummy

Today’s meal selections are boring.  My usual omelet and oatmeal (I know, big surprise) and PB&J for lunch (another huge surprise).  I remember doing food blogs way back when and I would try to make each day different.  Maybe I should do a week of those again?  Hm…  Maybe after I’m all settled in!

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