Three Words of Torture

Happy Tuesday!  Last time, I blogged about my current goals and so far, I am doing okay.  I haven’t been tracking my water intake but I have definitely increased it.  I tracked my food for a few days and missed Sunday so I have to restart my 30 days as of Monday (yesterday).  That is okay with me.  I was too busy spending the day with my grandmother on Sunday to be bothered with tracking my food.  I think we can all agree what is more important!

Yesterday’s workout at the gym was pretty rough.  I don’t know what got into the coach but he wanted to kill us!  3 Words: Bear Crawl Suicides

Warm Up:

Run Laps, total 3 laps, 1.1 milesNikePlus-2016-01-11

I started off after everyone else and somehow ended after everyone else.  I know I’m slow but I definitely did more laps and when I came in, everyone had already started on the workout Annoyed   I changed into my gym sneakers as quick as possible and joined them.

2015-12-23 10.10.52Workout 1

For this segment, we did various moves down the 20 yard turf (and back)

  • Straight Walking Lunges
  • Inside Lunges
  • Outside Lunges
  • Side Lunges

Next, grab a weight (used a 10lb plate)

  • Plate drags with pushups (40 yards)
  • Walking Lunges with Plate (missed this due to be incredibly slow with the plate drags and was only half way back)
  • Side walking squats with Side to Sides

Workout 2

Next, we worked out as a circuit and repeated 3 times.  We did as many reps as it took the person on the sled to finish

  • Medicine ball burpees
  • Jump squats with a kettlebell
  • 35 Pound Sled Push

Workout 3

  • Bear Crawl Suicides, racing a partner
  • Alligator crawls

I tried finding a video showing how we do bear crawls.  We kind of kick side to side as we crawl which makes it way harder.  Crawling is already incredibly difficult.  If you haven’t tried it, you should!  For those unfamiliar with sports training, suicides are the worst thing ever.  You run 5 yards and then back, then 10 yards and back to start, 15 yards and back.  You see how it works.  Except instead of running, we were doing the worst exercise ever invented (I can barely make it 10 yards!).  He has a 20 yard gym so it would have been 100 yards total of bear crawls, but I only got to the 10 yard line and back before we moved on to the next move.

I vaguely remember doing something after this but I might have blacked it out from my memory!  Haha

Cool Down 

  • 40 yard jog followed by 5 burpees.  Repeated 5 times
  • 100 crunches of any type

I don’t plan on recapping every single workout but it is always so interesting what Jose comes up with!  Maybe I can start highlighting certain exercises only.  I tried to find videos of the things we did so you could understand what I mean by the names (which I swear are made up) but there isn’t much out there.  Maybe I need to start making my own videos?  I think I would need help with that!  And a better camera than my cell phone.

I took today as a rest day because my whole torso hurts (but in that good sore kind of way).  Back at the gym in the morning!

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