8 Down, 5.1 To Go

It’s 2 weeks until my half and I am so. not. ready.  And its my own fault.  I got in some sort of funk this summer where I didn’t want to do my runs.  But I have good news!  I went for a run today and I did 8 miles!  It was slow, it was mentally challenging, but it is done!  Here are some things I learned too.

 1.    HYDRATE

I slacked off on my water the last two days and boy did I feel it.  It manifests and lead bricks attached to your legs.  They didn’t want to lift more than 2 millimeters off the ground.  I felt like I was dragging them along the entire time.  Ugh!

2.    Get Up Early

I decided to sleep in again today which made for a hot muggy run.  I really should have ran yesterday when it was cool and less humid.  Oh well, hindsight right?  But really, I should stick to my morning routine.

3.    Oatmeal is a No No

I’m actually not sure about this one but I felt so sluggish.  It could have been because of #1 but I was also wondering about my breakfast this morning too.  Maybe it was too heavy for me.

4.    If you don’t use it, you lose it

Boy was I painfully slow today.  I mean really really.  One of my miles had an average pace of 14 min/mile!  I mean, really?!  I’ve lost that much stamina?!  Originally, when I was all excited about this half, my goal was to run it in under 2 hours.  That translates to slightly over a 9 minute mile.  HA!  Lesson learned, when picking a training plan, stick to it.

5.    Sometimes the Drill Sergent Needs to Visit

Today was one of those days that I needed someone yelling at me.  I was whiny the whole time.  From mile 2 I wanted to stop.  Around mile 4, I really needed someone to tell me to just shut up and keep going.  It really helped that I told my FabFit team that I was running and I posted it on my Fitocracy account.  I couldn’t let people down!  But seriously, I could have used a running buddy to follow me around shouting things like “Are you a quitter?!”  I actually started yelling at myself (in my head, lol, I don’t want to be that crazy chick running down the street) using “Ang” and “SU-Girl” since that is what most of my online fit friends know me as.  It is like my online persona is the type that is determined and wouldn’t give up (even though it really is just me).  Actually helped a whole lot strangely enough!  Finally, in the last 2 miles, the drill sergent could take it easy and I managed the rest of the run myself.  At that point, being so close, why stop now?!

It was terribly hot and humid today, I had no energy, I didn’t hydrate and yet I managed to finish an 8 mile run.  Go me!  I am happy with it even if it was hard, but that is why I do it right?  Until the next run…

Before Run:

I actually ate two bowls of this because I was still hungry!

After Run:

HUGE omelet today.  3 eggs, 3 mushrooms, 1/2 tomato, chopped zucchini, mozzarella

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