It’s Rest Time

Hello everyone!  So the weekend was jam packed again.  We spent two days in Delaware, first visiting cousins and then a rugby tournament with the team.  It was so nice and relaxing, I almost didn’t want to come back home!


Sunday was back to reality though and we spent the day running errands, cooking, and cleaning.  Yesterday was pretty much the same.  I finished the errands Rob didn’t want to do and spent the night cooking and cleaning again.  We are trying really hard to get this house put together before school starts next week!


In other news, my foot is busted up again.  I think I mentioned it last week that it was bothering me.  My chiropractor aligned me at the rugby game (he brings his table and everything to the games!) which made my hip and shoulder feel all better but my foot kept hurting and Sunday was rough.  Monday wasn’t much better.  I taped it with KT tape yesterday and iced it and its feeling much better.  I think it is just irritated and inflamed and should be better in a few days.

In the meantime, since I can’t really run or do anything that puts pressure on the ball of my foot, I’ve just been worrying about my food which means I’m tracking again.  I really hate tracking but I tend to go overboard if I don’t.  I also made a great meal plan for this week and as long as I stick to it, we should be good! 

I really need to get back to the gym though.  It does have a pool but I’m so nervous about swimming.  I haven’t done it since high school really and even then, I never got the breathe while you stroke thing.  I also realized this morning that I don’t have goggles to wear in the pool!  So 1) find bathing suit, 2) buy goggles, 3) suck it up and go swimming!

So the plan for the week:

  • Relax my foot.
  • Eat good, healthy foods.
  • Clean the house.
  • Get ready for school.

Off to work on that to-do list!

9 thoughts on “It’s Rest Time

  1. To breathe while swimming… attach your chin to the shoulder on the side you want to breathe. When your arm comes out of the water tip your face out of the water. Breathe in. When the arm goes in the water, breathe out. Your shoulders roll naturally, so you will get a rhythm going. Yes.. you end up turning your face, from facing the bottom of the pool, to out to get air. But.. use your shoulder as a guide. Not hard to do… but it does take a bit of practice. You can start at home, without water… Just get the rhythm, and you’ll be fine. Wish I could hit the pool with you.. and help.

      1. You can just stand, and practice the breathing thing. Once you get it standing, you’ll do better when ‘swimming’

  2. Hope your foot gets better soon, and I am so with you. I am not a swimmer and dont ever think I could get that down. I just like to float and do the doggie paddle, lol

  3. Sorry about your foot. Very annoying!

    I absolutely adore that shot of the sea, though. That’s one to put on the wall!

  4. I hope your foot is feeling better! and lara has some great tips for swimming! I definitely think you should try it! But if I could swim everyday, I would. just take it nice and easy and have fuN!

  5. I am so NOT a swimmer…so if you start getting in the pool, you’ll reach hero status like Kristen! Sorry to hear your foot is acting up again…If you ever get to the point where you are ready to see a different doctor, I went to the Temple Foot and Ankle Institute right in Phillly (just over the Ben Franklin, by Chinatown). They were amazing. One of the only reasons I can still even put my foot down on the floor, run, walk, or really do anything! Saw them after my horrific experience of being 13 weeks non-weightbearing with my tibia fracture. The Doc I saw is the attending physician at the Boston Marathon…

    1. I haven’t even gone to my own doctor yet for this. I was hoping it was just a little soreness that would go away. We’ll see by next week I guess. Next time I hit the gym, it’s only swimming and/or upper body lifting that involves sitting my butt on a weight bench!

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