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I don’t have a topic picked out for today!  I am blog-theme-less.  Oy.  And since I was just sitting down to breakfast and people yesterday on SparkPeople seemed super excited about my oatmeal, I figured I would just post some pictures of food and how I made them!


Friday, at my Pampered Chef party, the consultant Anne made some lovely dips for us to try.  Well, there was a ton left over!  I am not a dip person so I had to get creative.  I have been dipping my carrots in the dill dip and I used the southwestern dip over my pork chop the other night.  Amazing!  I’m not sure if this was sour cream or yogurt dip but it tasted pretty good! 


Sorry for the poor photo, its from my phone.  Last night, I wanted comfort food big time and I knew I had ground beef at home.  Since I’ve been on this Irish kick since going to Ireland, why not Shepherd’s Pie?  I was going to crock pot it today but I wanted it last night.  Steamed carrots, frozen peas, cooked beef, and a McCormick Gravy packet made the stew part.  I just boiled up some potatoes and added butter and milk.  Only problem, no masher!!!  I used a spoon and did the best I could.  Delicious!!!!  And I have enough for 2 more meals!!


The infamous oatmeal!  LoL.  So I don’t have a microwave in my apartment so I have to make everything on the stove.  I throw on 1/4 cup steel cut oats with 3/4 cup water on high and add cinnamon.  As that is cooking, I dice up an apple in tiny pieces and add that to the pot.  I add 2 tablespoons of dried currants, turn down the temp to medium and add a lid.  I let it cook for a bit and then add some milk to taste and ground flax.  Done!  It is so amazing!  Now, if it would just cool down enough so I can eat it!!

I am loving these horizontal line inserts, can you tell?  LoL.  On another note, I am running super late today because I just did NOT want to get up this morning!  I kept telling myself “ok, next time the alarm goes off!” and still, I laid and laid.  Then I didn’t want to work out!  So instead of wasting time, I put together the desk I brought up while I woke myself up a bit.  Now I have the perfect place to study later tonight!  On that note, I really have to finish my breakfast (yes, its after 10 and I’m still working on breakfast) and go see a professor on campus.  Lots of work!

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  1. Yum! I only use my camera for photos on my blog. Poor anybody who looks ;p

    I love Shepherd’s pie, too, but I don’t make it because I never buy lamb. It’s one of those things I prefer “out” over making at home. I used to be that way with fish, too, but I’m finally getting a little better about cooking it.

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