Insanity, Here I Come!

InsanityI’m officially committed.  After the half marathon on the 17th, I’m going to start the Insanity program.  There will be no running, no Zumba, no weight lifting.  Just pure Insanity.  Can’t you hear the excitement?  LoL!

Actually, I am really excited for this.  It is something new and already set up for me to do.  Lauren and I had been talking about how we haven’t been seeing any gains in our running which has made us really lack the motivation to do it.  I haven’t gotten any faster, I’m not running any further, and let’s not even talk about weight loss/gain.  I like running when I see results and when I’m not seeing results, I just get discouraged.  Yes, I know I should be more determined then but with the stress of school, I just don’t have the energy to turn it around.  I think a change of pace is exactly what I need!

The program is 60 days long and I will try not to bore you guys with daily recaps but I will try to check in on them just to be accountable!  During this 60 days though, I will be thinking about my running in the future because I’ve officially registered for another marathon in October!

St.Louis Rock and Roll

I will have to sit down and figure out a training schedule and exactly when I should start “training” for it.  I would like to do a more modern form of training that might include things like power lifting, CrossFit, or maybe the Insanity or P90X videos.  That will take a lot of research.  I used to just depend on Hal Higdon’s website but all of his training revolves around running, running, and more running.  I’d like something more diverse!  So I’ve got 60 days of intense training with Insanity in order to really think about how I want to train for this marathon!

On that note…

Who is going to do Insanity with me?

I start on Monday, March 19th Smile

7 thoughts on “Insanity, Here I Come!

  1. Insanity’s fun because it’s HIIT and VO2Max conditioning (which WILL help your running).

    Just remember when you’re done with Insanity, you must CEASE VO2Max training for several weeks. Go back to something you enjoyed before but work aerobically…I know you’ll do the research on this if you haven’t already!

    When you come to STL for R&R, maybe I can come see you! I’m far from the city (and this country mouse does NOT drive in any city–seriously…I have panic attacks, plus I never learned city-driving, so I end up going the wrong way down one-way streets). That would be so fun to cheer you on!

    1. I will have to research about the VO2 max thing. I didn’t know about this! Any info is welcome! I plan on taking a week off and then going right into marathon training (I can stick with distance running at first and cut out any interval training too). Interesting!

      And Kristen and Tiffany are going to be at St Louis too! I would love it if you could come hang out for a day!!!

  2. OH MY GOSH! OH MY GOSH! Im excited! I seriously just yelled like a little girl when I saw that you OFFICALLY signed up for this. The three amigos taking St louis by storm- I cant wait! (Ok. now i need to calm down haha)

  3. It would be awesome if Lily made it to visit, too! It would almost be a SparkFest! 🙂 After the half this weekend (which will be SLOW!) we’ll see how the old hip holds up and then, I am committing to P90X. I’ve done it several times and I just need to start. The first 3 days are the hardest since I get serious DOMS… but I really want to get back my lean muscle definition since short sleeve weather will be upon us! Am I too vain?!?

    1. LOL not vain! I have P90X too but already promised Rob we would do Insanity! I might use the P90X DVDs while I marathon train though. I have been having trouble finding a good marathon plan though, I might need your help on that! All of the plans I find are nothing but running 5-6 days a week. Uuuugh! A girl needs to weight lift and cross train!!

    2. Hi Tiffany! I somehow missed the subs for comments on this.

      I would LOVE to come see you guys! It looks like there’s something called a Family Reunion area and they suggest you decide on a meeting spot (they label them a-z or something — I’ve never attended a marathon; years ago, I used to do 5Ks but that was like me with somebody so there was not worrying about meeting somebody).

      Are you all doing the Expo thing, too, or just coming in? You can sparkmail me if you want to keep thing private…

      1. I plan on getting there for the Expo definitely! Rob will be with me too (and waiting for us at the finish line). We will definitely figure something out as time gets closer, either the expo or the day of the race! I’m so excited!!!!

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