January 2013 Goals

January 2013 Goals

So, its time to officially announce my goals for January!  I mentioned some of my plans a few weeks back to give those who wanted to join in a sneak peak but here are my official plans.

Goal #1:  Whole30 Challenge

I already told you all that I was going to participate in the Whole30 challenge.  It is time for me to do a 100% clean Paleo Diet and after reading It Starts With Food, I think now is the time!  If you would like to join me, you can check out their website (liked above).  If Whole30 doesn’t feel right for you, think of your own challenge.  How about 30 days of Gluten Free?  Sugar Free?  Strictly Clean Eating?  I would just love it if you joined me to be good in January, whatever your challenge.  Whole30 won’t be easy but that is the point.  I want something that will challenge me to do my best.  What will you try in January?

Goal #2:  Killer Abs

I committed on my Facebook Page that I would do as many crunches every day in January for as many likes I received on my page (in multiples of 25).  So far, I’m committed to 100 per day (only need 2 more likes to reach 125!).  I will probably do sets of 25 each of crunches, obliques, and reverse crunches.  My core is going to be crazy strong by February!

Goal #3:  Chilly Challenge

I’ve joined Running Escapades’ Chilly Challenge 2013.  Basically, you just log any miles you ran, walked, or did on the elliptical.  I’m hoping this will give me a little motivational boost to get myself moving this January!

Goal #4:  85 Miles

This one ties into my 2013 goal of moving 1000 miles.  I’ll use my FitBit to log my daily mileage and if I want to spread the miles out evenly over the year, I have to move about 83 miles a move.  We’ll make it a nice even 85!


I think that is more than enough to worry about in the month of January.  I don’t want to overwhelm myself too much.  Of course, I’m always worried about getting enough water, maybe losing a little weight, etc.  Hopefully the weight loss will come with the mileage and running goals.  Its looking to be a challenging month!

Also, if you want to participate in any of the challenges and would like some support, feel free to join my facebook group, Fit Chickies.  It is open to both men and women and is a place for members to positively support one another in their health journeys.  Come join us!

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