Philly Rock and Roll Half Marathon!

This weekend has been crazy!  Yesterday was full of one thing.  Rugby!

Even though they lost, it was a pretty good game!  They don’t have enough guys for two teams but have to play A side and B side to qualify for the league so Rob had to play 2 games.  He is pretty beat up today!

This morning was my half marathon in Philly.  I was actually pretty excited but a little worried because I had only done up to 8 miles for this race (and slacked off a lot with the training).  I knew I would at least be able to walk the rest of it.  So off we went to Philly.  We were running a little later than we thought but it ended up working out.  I made sure to eat a good breakfast and it was a beautiful day for a run!

We met up with Claudia at the start line just in time and I met her friend Susan.  We took a few photos and we were off!  Having Rob around is like the paparazzi!

I took lots of pictures while I ran (yes I brought my camera, lol).  The race went through Philly and then down the Schukyll River.  There are beautiful boat houses there and lots of trees…

There were also lots of cheerleading squads out there supporting the runners.  I also saw my friend’s band playing around mile 7.5.  That put a huge smile on my face (hey I got a shout out through amps!  Ha!) for the next 4 miles or so.  Then the run was just getting long and bored!  Finally, I could see the Art Museum again (finish line!!!)

I texted friends and called Rob to let them know I was getting close.  I had to ask Rob what side of the street I needed to run on for my photo shoot.  LoL. 

According to my Garmin, I ran 13.44 miles in 2:39:51.  Not bad!!!  The first few miles I ran a little too fast.  I had a bit of a stomach ache but finally was feeling ok after mile 3.  Then I just kept trudging along, running and walking whenever I felt like.  I tried not to walk too much but made sure to a little to save my legs.  The last 2 miles were rough.  My calves were really hurting and I was pooped.  It got to a point where I was too tired to run but my legs hurt too bad when I walked.  Haha, so I sort of shuffled along.  I am really happy with my time considering my lack of training.  But today is the official first day of marathon training.  No more slacking allowed!  I just have to figure out a decent schedule with school.  I also have another half next month in AC.  I can definitely do that one!

Anyway, I met up with the girls when I finished.  Rob had to run to the car to pay the meter.  Oh!  I saw Tiffany at the finish line too (from Spark People), just as I was crossing.  Everyone was really happy I think with the whole day.  Such a good race day!

Bret Michaels was the headline for the show after the race.  Haha!  We were all pretty tired so we didn’t stay long.  Rob and I tried heading over the to the rugby team’s sponsor bar, The Bards but they were only serving brunch so we had to find somewhere else.  We ended up at the Village Wiskey Bar.  It is a little trendy and fancy but really cute!  I got a burger and Rob got the pork sandwich.  So yummy!

it was a little pricey but so worth it.  My burger was awesome.  Right across the street was that gelato place again (different location).  I of course headed over.  Not as happy with it today but it was the flavors I picked.  I went safe.  But still yummy!

There was a Trader Joes right near where we parked.  We thought about doing our grocery shopping there but we were both pretty sore and beat up.  I really just wanted  a shower and to lay down for a bit so we decided we would do our grocery shopping when we got home.  Next time!  The rest of the night has been spent doing chores (groceries, dinner) and homework.  This homework set is pretty rough.  Doesn’t help that I’m sure tired and I can’t concentrate!  Hopefully I can get it done tomorrow night because it is due Tuesday.  Eek!  Alright, time to finish my beer and head to bed for an awesome night’s sleep!

7 thoughts on “Philly Rock and Roll Half Marathon!

  1. I love a good race report!!!! Way to go girl!!!! I never am together enough to take pictures during the race!!! It's all I can do to focus on my pace, water and fueling! LOL! Oh, and where is the next potty?!

  2. Yay! Congrats, Ang!! You ROCKED it, are you kidding?? 2:40 is AMAZING!!! I totally couldn't finish MY half today, but I'm coming to terms with it, as I think I would have royally messed up my foot if I were to have continued on =/ [it's still not doing so hot…]

  3. It was a GREAT day for a run! You are going to do so great in AC after finishing Philly – a mile is a mile…so even though you slacked for your training, you did it yesterday and it will only make your next one better! Can't wait to hear how you do there…

    And your pix are awesome…I agree with Fab Fitness – I can hardly function enough to drink, run and breathe all at the same time…never mind remembering to take pix! Thanks for such great memories, though! YOU ROCK!

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