Race Plans: AC April Fool’s Day Half Marathon & 7K

It all started so innocently.  I was on the registration website, signing up for the Atlantic City April Fool’s Day 7K with a discount code I got for doing the Atlantic City 10K back in October.  I was scrolling through the registration options, and I said jokingly to Rob that I could register for the Fool’s Challenge: run the 7K on Saturday and the Half Marathon on Sunday.  He responded “why not?”, we chatted it over, and I registered for it!


I know, I know – why another half marathon?  Well, let’s be honest.  I enjoy running!  I know, weird right?  I know I’m not the best at training for races but I really like doing them and having a race on the calendar gets me moving.  I’m not fast, I’m not breaking my own PRs but I enjoy the journey and showing up to the start line.  I just like having running as a part of my life!

But this race poses a new challenge for me: two races in one weekend.  When you do one of these challenges, which are pretty common now, you have to pick one of the races as a priority/goal.  For me, that means running the half marathon in less than 3 hours.  I ran the Philadelphia Half Marathon in 3:04 so that is a pretty reasonable goal, but I didn’t run a 7K the day before.  I also want to be able to finish both races reasonably well.  That means doing a little bit of training (or attempting to!).  Here is the plan I came up with:


I made this plan on my own from my previous training experience (yes, I have actually trained for races before!).  Here is how I came up with it:

  • Back to Back “long” runs on the weekends to prep for double race days.
  • Eliminate the longest run every 4 weeks to give myself a low mileage week for rest.
  • Include strength training and/or cross training.
  • Slowly build weekly mileage.
  • Taper to race day.

I have Body Pump in there since I enjoy it and it will round out my training well but I can substitute other workouts in there also.  I might do a little cross training with my Les Mills Combat DVDs when I’m feeling it.  The only must-do workouts are the those two weekend runs.

I’m currently in the first week of the training plan now and haven’t been able to run.  First, I was sick (and still have a wicked cough) and now it is entirely too freezing outside to run, 30 degrees is my limit.  So I’ve been doing other workouts to at least get moving and get the cardio going.  I’m not too worried yet about the distances but I’ll have to start hitting the pavement soon.

Also, I know the distance the week before the races seems a bit odd – 9.3 miles?  That is because a friend of mine wants to do another race in Philadelphia that day.  It actually worked out well in the schedule, distance wise, so I put it in there just in case.  Obviously, I am no “racer” so running so many races so close to each other is no big deal because I’m not out there killing PRs.  Normally people would advise against such craziness!

Now, off to get my gym heated up and get today’s workout in!

Do you have any races or events on your spring calendar?

Side Note:  I’m not a personal trainer or running coach.  I made the above training plan for my own personal use.  I am not responsible for anyone who chooses to use it also.  Check out Hal Higdon’s website for great, free training plans made by a professional.

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