Planet Fitness Experience

This week’s workouts went really well!


When I was off visiting my friend Jess for a few days, we visited her gym, Planet Fitness, on Monday.  I have heard of these gyms before but we don’t have any near me so it was my first time there.  Here are my thoughts:


  • Everything was clean and tidy.
  • TONS of cardio equipment – no signing up for machines, waiting for one to clear, or getting kicked off before you’re done.
  • Lots of TVs to keep you distracted.
  • Dedicated workout circuit so you can get in and out with a full body workout done in 30 minutes.
  • Lots of strength training equipment.
  • Smith machines for safe lifting.
  • Some free weights and benches.
  • Free fitness guidance from employees (personal trainers?  unsure of their credentials but I know they give you workouts and such to do).


  • No power racks or bench presses for serious weight lifters.
  • Free weight area is difficult to navigate when people are using it.
  • Weight area is in front of cardio area – making you feel like you are on stage (especially embarrassing when you want to deadlift or squat…)
  • No place to actually use the 2 barbells collecting dust in the corner.
  • No fitness classes.
  • You need to bring your own lock (how many times have you forgotten yours?).

I know that their slogan is “No Lunks” (i.e. weight lifters) and “Judgment Free Zone” but honestly I never felt so uncomfortable at a gym before in my life.  I weight lift but I don’t think you would call me a lunk?  I make a little noise when lifting very heavy but I try not to disturb anyone else.  I just want to get a good workout in, I don’t want to bother anyone else.  I felt more judged about what I shouldn’t be doing there.  Can I deadlift?  (I did, with my butt for the cardio world to view).  Can I squat (on the Smith machine – ugh)?  I did and made some puffing noise on the last few reps because it was freakin heavy.

The only reason I would join one if it came to my area would be for the back up treadmill on bad weather days.  It is only $10 a month for a single location!  And it is only $20 if you want to go to any location and be able to bring friends for free (you also get discounts on products, like bottles of water, with the better membership which I also thought was odd). It can be a great plan if you just want cardio equipment, some weights, and maybe use the machines!  It wasn’t terrible and if you want to lift heavy using the Smith machines, then those are there.  There are limitations, but you can’t beat that cheap membership fee!

The rest of the week was spent working out in my home gym.  I would love to hit the pavement but it has been entirely too cold so instead, I’ve been trying out the Les Mills Body Combat DVDs I got on Black Friday from Team Beach Body (I’m not a coach, just a fan of the programs).  I’ll do a full review of the DVDs in another post!

Have you ever been to a gym where you felt uncomfortable? 

This is not the only gym that I felt uncomfortable in, but for different reasons.  Of course, I have found places where I loved to be and I think that is the key.  If you feel comfortable at your gym, then you will want to go more often!

Any crazy gym stories?

I used to go to a gym that didn’t pay their trainers unless they booked sessions (they were considered “independent contractors”).  They offer you a free session to get you hooked.  I took them up on the offer once (workout kind of sucked) and then they spent like 30 minutes trying to convince me to sign up by telling me they could help me lose all weight – this was after I lose 50lbs on my own.  They also told me that I would be one of the “cool kids” at the gym if I had my own trainer.  I basically told them they were full of crap and never accepted another free session again.  Every time I was at that gym and on the treadmill, I would get hounded by trainers.  Biggest reason I left and never want to go back!

5 thoughts on “Planet Fitness Experience

  1. I’ve heard about that rule at Planet Fitness and I’m fairly certain I’d feel extremely uncomfortable there too. I lift weights as well, and while I rarely make any noises, sometimes it’s fairly inevitable if you’re really struggling! 😡 I know they’re trying to make a less intimidating atmosphere for some, but in doing so, it drives others away. I would hate to be hounded by people trying to get me to buy sessions every time I stepped into a gym. :[

    1. I just felt so self conscious! I’m sure it was all in my head but still weird for me. I’m sure there are “lunk” gyms out there but I’ve never seen one. Even the “lifting” gym I went to for a while. The bodybuilders couldn’t care less what everyone else was doing!

  2. It’s kind of a bummer they don’t have classes or power racks. Either way, it seems like it gives you the basics, which is better than nothing!

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