Remodel Day 7: Clean Up Time

Remodel Day 7: Clean Up Time

Yesterday was pretty uneventful.  We were all really tired from doing so much this week, we started dragging a bit.  I had told myself I would go run, rain or shine if I woke up before my alarm with enough time.  By the time the alarm went off, I still was solidly asleep and did not want to get up!  Anyway, the guys needed some stuff from Home Depot so I tagged along and got some cleaning supplies.

I first tackled a piece of furniture we kept from Baba’s place.  It is a 70’s credenza that we’re going to use for our TV.  This thing weighs a TON.  It was just very old and needed some TLC.  I might even take some wood oil to it later because the Pledge really brought out the grain and then dried right up.  Haha

Rob and Mark worked on the molding around the room to finish off the floors.

That project seemed to take forever but its all done now!  I think we were all just too tired to be bothered really.  LoL.  But with the molding done, the place is finished!  I also picked up new knobs for the kitchen cabinets.  They used to be gold.

I did a before and after.  It doesn’t come across in the picture but the knobs really changed the whole look of the kitchen.  The color of the cabinets looked very yellow before but now with the new paint and the new knobs, it is more muted and looks very country.  I love it!  OH!  And Mark is just awesome.  He had some tile that he bought for his kitchen that didn’t look good and then he couldn’t return it for some reason.  Well, it goes with the wall color we picked very well and he gave us 3 boxes of it!  The counter tops in this kitchen are slightly pink too but when we held up the tile, it counter looked more tan so that is good too!  It is kind of like this but more greens and tans, less black

So that is pretty much it for yesterday!  We still have some things to clean out of the place, odds and ends.  Tonight, we start moving!  I have to make a list of things we need to do.  I want to clean before we move anything.  I’m not sure what Rob has planned either.  We have to go to Ikea sometime this week for furniture.  The apartment doesn’t have any closets!  And I hang all my clothes!!!  So we need to find a nice wardrobe.  I love Ikea and can’t wait!!!

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