Shrimp and Mushroom (Not)Risotto

I figured since I showed you all the wonderful veggies I bought at my favorite produce outlet, I should show you how I’m using them.  I am most a wing-it type cook so there are no recipes and sometimes that means things don’t come out very good but its more fun for me!  Anyway, last night I decided to try the Farro I just bought for the first time.  Verdict?  LOVE IT!


It has a chewy texture and it is my new brown rice.  I tried a little plain and was happy but I’m not good at describing such things.  I definitely like it better than brown rice though!  Just buy a bag and try it yourself.  Be prepared to love it.

I changed my ingredients some (didn’t use the yogurt).  I cooked the farro and sautéed some shrimp in a pan with mushrooms and added cherry tomatoes last minute.  Then I threw in some olive oil and a laughing cow swiss cheese wedge (going for a risotto type thing).  It didn’t seem creamy enough so I used a second but then it was too sticky.  Using a bit of milk or maybe that yogurt would have been better.  I also added some cilantro for flavor.  This dinner tasted delicious though and will be even better with some modification.  Definitely a keeper!

DSCN6102On to other news, I tried cutting my finger off while prepping lunch today.  Of course since it’s a new apartment, I don’t have any first aid supplies.  Like my “band aid”?  Paper towel with a hairband wrapped around it.  LoL.  It helped and stopped the bleeding until I could get to the store for supplies.   All fine now.  Let’s hope there is no scare (its deep but not stiches deep).

Fitness & Health Update

My eating is pretty good!  Had a bad snack yesterday that put me over and I skipped my workout.  I hadn’t slept well the night before and could barely keep my eyes open all day.  I know, no excuse but whatever.  I was whiney.  I tried to keep eating low but its tough at night at home.  At least I had not many bad snacks in the house to munch on!

I ran today!  4 miles!  I set off in one direction and just kept going.  I felt great despite being a little dehydrated.  Then the tiredness hit me.  I didn’t want to run another step but I was 2 miles from home.  Eek.  Oh well!  I made it back home and was never happier to see my front door!


My splits aren’t too bad considering that I was so tired.  (Oh and did I mention the headwind the whole way home?  Nature isn’t nice.)  I am debating on tomorrow because I forgot I moved my long runs to Fridays instead of Saturdays!  So rest day?  We’ll see!

PS.  My cold behaved quite well during the jog!  I knew I would be ok but was worried about too much nose-stuff.  It only acted up when I walked.  I am feeling much better now too!  Maybe its gone?!

PSS. I forgot! I wanted to torture you with my Susie Homemaker skills and show you healthy eaters the amazing chocolate cake I made for Rob’s birthday. Let the drool flow.

One thought on “Shrimp and Mushroom (Not)Risotto

  1. first of all- that cake looks amazing. Let me wipe my drool haha. the hearts are the edge are the perfect touch!
    good job on the 4 mile run.
    I have never heard of farro…
    And I always cut my fingers, they just get in teh way! hahah

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