Good morning!  So this weekend was pretty relaxed.  There was a lot of time spent playing with Stomageddon:


As you can see, Rob did indeed find his lap cat.  He definitely has bonded with Rob over me!  Yay!  And he has to lay on someone when he wants to sleep.  How cute!

Anyway, enough about the kitty.  Rob also had his last rugby game of the season.  No pictures on my computer yet.  It was a great game and they won but Rob got hurt in the last few minutes.  Bruised knee/thigh.  Let’s hope that heels quickly!  Other than that, we mostly spent the weekend relaxing.  We rented Underworld (new one) and the Three Musketeers (new one) and both were good.

As for health and fitness, Rob and I did our workout on Friday but skipped Saturday since there was just no time.  Sunday was rest day.  I don’t worry about making up the workout if I only miss one a week. 

My eating last week was excellent!  I think I had about a –1000 calorie burn each day.  It was difficult though and I often went to bed hungry (but wasn’t hungry during the day).  I remember that happening a lot before when I was losing the weight.  This weekend was a little bad.  I had 2 cheat meals but my book I am reading says that is ok.  Otherwise, the rest of my meals were good all weekend.

My sleeping still isn’t good.  I feel twitchy (think like restless leg syndrome).  I have been itching to go for a run.  I wonder if that will help that twitchy feeling?  Yesterday, I walked around campus at lunch and that made me feel a little better.  I am going to start doing that regularly again.  I’ve even been debating on walking to campus (about 1.5 miles).  That is kind of far though to carry all my stuff (laptop, lunchbox, notebook, etc.).  I have my bike but its not the same as walking.

In other news, I’m in my last week of Insanity!  I am actually really happy about that.  I haven’t been enjoying Month 2 as much as Month 1 and I also can’t wait to go for a nice jog!  I really needed that time off from running though and am glad I took it.  I will take all my measurements and such this weekend and let you guys know if anything changed!

That’s it for now!  Have a great day everyone!

One thought on “Twitchy

  1. Congrats on the end of Insanity! It’ll be great to see how it affects your running once you stop it that training zone and can benefit from your body’s recovery and changing how you used to do things before and now that it’s after (if that made sense, not sure if it did).

    I screen capped Twitchy and was going to make a silly for you but I’ve been too busy. Boo! I also need to see about some illustrations for PAY, so silly stuff to the side. ;p

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