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You guys probably don’t need a daily update but I had such a terrible day yesterday that I sort of feel the need to confess.  First off, I had pizza (not Paleo!).  Alissa and I headed downtown together and she really wanted pizza and I readily agreed!  She was kind enough to pose for a picture.  The pizza was delicious, had a nice thing crispy crust the way I like it!  But it doesn’t follow my rules at all.  Ah well!

Next, we headed off to the health food store since she needed some things.  I also found that they sell So Delicious products which make Coconut Milk based coffee creamer and “yogurt”.  I had been looking for them and now

know where to get them!  Also, I picked up these delicious drinks called Kombucha on Alissa’s recommendation.  Have you tried it?  They are basically fermented drinks so they are fizzy and AMAZING.  And only 70 calories for the bottle but at $4 a piece, they won’t be bought that often.  A nice all natural alternative to soda though because that’s what it tasted like!  Yum!!

After this, we realized we were pretty close to the YMCA and since I’ve been debating on getting a gym membership and Alissa heard they had a nice pool, we decided to go check it out.  I didn’t take any pictures but made this nice comparison chart with the campus gym: (red=bad, green=good, blue=neutral, yellow=unsure)

They are pretty close, almost a tie.  Of course, I can weight things as being more important also.  I mention clientele because I’d like to meet some new people in the area, maybe find a running buddy.  The Y has a running class too which would be awesome for me!  I’ll have to mull this one over.

Finally, my goals chart for yesterday.  I just managed to get my water in at the end of the day.  Oh and I ate ice cream last night, a little too much (leftover from Wednesday).  I felt sick all night!  Will I ever learn?  Between that and the pizza, I was a wreck.  I even feel a little bloated today (even my fingers are puffy).  Ah well.  I didn’t work out either but I packed everything up for leaving today and cleaned my kitchen.  At least I did something productive!

Wasn’t my day so funny?  I ate like crap, skipped my workout, but shopped at a health food store and checked out a local gym.  Ha!

What are things you look for when joining at a gym?  What are some of your pro’s and con’s?

7 thoughts on “Healthy & Unhealthy Tidbits

  1. haha i love your day! At least you got some good information! I ate really bad the other day, like ice cream, candy, the works. Im back on track now, but I need to find some healthy snacks that are easy to grab and go.

  2. There’s a gym 30 miles from home (in the town where I work). I don’t think I’ve ever been in a proper gym. I joined “Fitness Center” at uni? I imagine that was sort of a mini-gym (Nautilus machines and some cardio). That’s all I can imagine wanting (well and privacy!).

  3. I don’t do gyms…I have a phobia…I know…time to get over it!
    Liz over at http://www.CaveGirlEats has some info on kombucha too…she is a BIG fan of fermented foods. She’s a nutritionist…I can’t remember if she makes her own anymore or not. I’ve made my own sauer*****. In fact, I need to make some more….oh, and I make my own yogurt, too. Going to experiment with coconut milk and see if I can make coconut yogurt this summer. Kids love the regular (I make it from half and half!!!)

    1. As soon as I am finished the half and half in my fridge, I am heading right over to the health food market to stock up on all things “So Delicious”!!

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