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Yesterday was a pretty low key day.  The second I got up, I forced myself to work out.  I wasn’t feeling it at all so I chose to do a strength training DVD to make things simple (Inside Out Method Pure Strength).  I didn’t get any cardio out of it but 20 minutes of ST is better than nothing!

PaleoAthletesMy eating wasn’t the greatest.  I am fine during the day but I get hungry at night.  I think it might be due to the increase in carbs that I have been eating again for the running.  Maybe its time to rethink that again?  But what about my PB&J lunches?!  Ah well.  I had to order something on Amazon though and needed 1 more item for the free shipping.  I always keep a list of $5 to $10 items on my wish list for this reason.  I looked and had “The Paleo Diet for Athletes” on there so I added it to my cart!  It should be here this weekend and I am really excited about it!

For those who don’t know, the Paleo Diet (or the caveman diet as I’ve heard it called) is basically a meat and plant based diet, avoiding grains or anything that wouldn’t have been eaten by our ancestors (cavemen).  I always wondered how it worked with an athlete though with the carbs so I am happy to read this.  I don’t think I will go 100% Paleo (I LOVE oatmeal as you guys know) but I am interested in learning more about it!

DSCN6249So that’s really it!  I did try a new squash yesterday called Calabaza.  It is similar to pumpkin so says Wikipedia.  I really enjoyed it!  I just diced it up and boiled it (my stove isn’t exactly working or I would have baked it).  Then I took a cup of that and mashed it with a little butter.  It was delicious!  Somewhere between pumpkin and acorn squash but with a chunky texture (reminded me of spaghetti squashbut with short little pieces – you can see it in the picture).  I have enough for 2 more meals so I know what I’m eating the next few nights!

7 thoughts on “New Food Adventures

  1. Never heard of calabaza! I suppose every squash is super-healthy, though! I’m not sold on Paleo but I like that it supports whole foods. Like you, I can’t leave my oats and now being gluten-free, I’m off most of the incidental grains but legumes? I’m holding onto them so far. 🙂

  2. 20 minutes is better than nothign! good job!
    Would love to hear about the book. Maybe I shoudl look at it at my library.
    <3 happy wednesday

  3. OH, I can’t wait to hear your opinion of the Paleo for Athletes! As you know I’ve been Paleo for just over a year and totally love it….my family is now paleo since Sept. and for the most part the kids are about 80% compliant….I’m not as strict with them when they aren’t at home – (friends, b-day parties, etc)…I have NO problem with the running….I make sure I have a sweet potato or two in the days prior to a long run and that’s about it…and before getting a hip injury was running the fastest I’d ever run! To Lily’s point, I totally get the legume question. That and oatmeal were the last of the things I got rid of….took me longer for that…but let me tell you, I do feel better without them!
    Speaking of running, did you see Broad St. sold out in 5 hours!?!?! 30,000 spots…5 hours. I am going to register for the lottery later tonight when it’s posted…drats!

    1. But I *love* oatmeal!! Haha! I am curious to try the diet for at least half my meals and then see how it goes.

      And as for Broad Street, I was watching the Facebook Updates all day. I decided not to run it this year because I think it is getting too crazy… and I was right! Even the start and finish lines just felt hectic to me last year. I ran it twice, I’m good. Maybe Long Brand half instead this year?

      1. That is true…maybe he can find a new hobby? I’ve begun making my own fermented sauer*****…and I’ve always been a yogurt maker, but now it’s just full fat (made from yummy organic half and half!)…there are a bunch of fun paleo things he can discover! just sayin’! Glad to know he’s keeping himself busy with fun things…

        1. Rob is soooo excited we’re becoming meataterians but he says he refuses to give up pizza or sourdough bread. LoL. He asked if it makes up for it if he starts raising his own meat? He has been talking about meat pigs for forever. And ..(hope this doesn’t gross you out).. One of our chickens who is loose in the yard got hurt so we have to.. put him down.. so to say, so he won’t get attacked by a fox or hawk, etc. So, its gonna be the first time I’ve ever raised my own meat this weekend! Should be interesting!

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