Plan of Attack: 28 Day Challenge

On Spark People and Facebook, I have joined a challenge with the Fabulous Fitness team.  It is a 28 day challenge of workouts and eating clean.  I am modifying it to fit my current situation but I am going into it strong.  Today is Day 1 and it is already going great.  Anyway, here is my plan and my starting measurements and pictures!

Background info:  I bought a bunch of books from Amazon:

I have been reading my new book purchases like crazy. I am taking a bit of something from each of them. I love New Rules of Lifting for Women.  I really love a lot of the advice and tips but I don’t agree with the supplement taking and such. He also has no problems eating artificial sweeteners and similar stuff. I’m not into that so I’ll ignore that advice personally.  On the flip side, I have The Eat Clean Diet Stripped.  And I definitely LOVE her tips for eating clean and slimming down! This is only intended for a 28 day program so this is my plan.

For the next 2 weeks, I am going to get into the habit of eating clean.  Now, I almost have to giggle at this statement because I eat pretty darn clean already. Actually, in the “Stripped” book, they give a sample of a day’s worth of eating clean and it almost perfectly resembles my eating. That was a real (positive) eye opener for me and a confidence booster! But I have a sugar problem in the form of coffee (cream and sugar) and chocolate. So I am going to work on cutting those things out for the next 2 weeks. As to not make myself go crazy, I will allow an occasional glass of wine and maybe a Rita’s or ice cream once in a while (but no more than once per week!!!).

Also, I will be working on my fitness (anyone else have Fergie in their head right now?)  I will get back into a weekly routine. This will actually be a little difficult because I have the Broad Street Run next Sunday. I just want to get into the habit for the next 2 weeks, especially with strength training.

My measurements:
Weight: 144lbs (I know, wtf? Up again from Friday)
Body Fat: 25.8% (last night), 24.1% (this morning)
Waist: 29.75
Hips: 36.5
Thigh: 24.33
Calf: 14.33
Arm: 11.75

At the end of 2 weeks, I will take them all again (just for a baseline) and I am going to start my own 28 day plan. I plan on using the workouts from the NRoLFW and the eating plan (plus protein shakes for after workouts) from Eat Clean Diet Stripped. That plan will bring me right up to the wedding/2 year sparkversary/27th birthday. 

Right now, I’m super duper excited to start this plan but I know how quickly the steam can run out of a plan. I’ve told Rob that he has to make sure I stick with this for at least a week before giving in to whatever sort of excuses I can find. I figure by the end of the week, I’ll feel so good, I won’t want to give up! I also think that continuing reading all my wonderful new books will keep me excited. I have a few I can read one after the other so I’ve got enough to keep me going through at least the week!

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3 thoughts on “Plan of Attack: 28 Day Challenge

  1. how awesome!! I want to do this! So are there any guidelines? criteria? advice?

  2. Now you need to side by side these pix with the other ones you have on SP when you compared in the swimsuit last time!
    You are doing great and you have a great plan…can't wait to see how it goes!

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