Study Time

Study Time

Yesterday was not an ideal eating day, but it wasn’t terrible either.  I started my day off with a delicious lazy breakfast!  I love having 2 eggs in the morning usually in omelet form but I just wasn’t feeling the cooking-on-the-stove thing.  I decided I would try popping them in the microwave.  I also threw in some broccoli and mozzarella.  It came out amazing!  This was 2 small to medium eggs in the microwave for 2 minutes.  Perfect.  (Today, I used a wider bowl which wouldn’t let the center cook.  I had to break it in half and flip it so the center was now near the edge of the bowl.  Added another minute and it was good).

At work, I enjoyed my oatmeal and another free iced coffee from DD.  This time I asked for mocha hazelnut.  Way. Too. Sweet.  But good!  Didn’t drink all of it.  Next time, only one flavor.  PB&J for lunch.  Same today!  So boring right?  LoL. 

For dinner, Rob and I ended up at the mall.  I decided on pizza.  I had to use my debit card so I needed to pass the $5 minimum so I ended up with 2 slices.  I also didn’t want water but I didn’t want calories so I had…. Diet Soda!  I know!!!  Who is this person??  I had about half and then threw out the rest.  It satisfied my craving for something refreshing.  There just aren’t really any other choices when eat out though!  Soda or water?  Or how about some crazy sweet Minutemade?  Yuck.
In other news, I got a new pedometer!  I was very excited to wear it yesterday.  Reach about 7500 steps.  Not bad for not working out!  (Picture was from lunch time – as you can see, I have a desk job).
Anyway, we had headed to the mall because I wanted to look at bookbags for school (still excited!).  I had checked some out online and intended to order it online to save a few bucks but the instant gratification in me won out and I got this super cute bag from the Hallmark Store (Vera Bradley).  My laptop just fits in it and there is plenty of room for books and things.  I will still have to carry a separate lunch box but that is fine!
We also headed over to Borders again to see if they are selling fixtures.  We got on the list and then browsed the store.  I check out the DVDs again.  Rob said I couldn’t get this one and I pouted:

I remember doing it with my mom when I was little!  Mom, do you want me to go back and get it for you???  I think it could be fun to do together again!

I also got a whole stockpile of books for going back to school.  Just some reference/refresher books that I thought could be useful.

They all sound like lots of fun right?  I am going to work through that bottom book as a refresher course.  I need something that is more of a physics refresher though.  These are all math books!  I guess I could just read my textbooks over again but that seems like it would take way too long.  Haha.
Finally, we headed home to relax and let me sort all my school supplies (yes, my bookbag is already packed!).  I have the best coworker who golfs.  When she heard that my foot hurt and I needed a hard ball to massage it, she left these on my desk for me!

I iced it until the bag started leaking.  Then I rolled it on the golf ball for a while.  Then it was time to wrap it.

I left it wrapped all night.  It sitll was a little irritated this morning but not much.  I think it got irritated by the side to side movement in the DVD I did on Monday.  I may or may not go for a very short (1 mile) jog today.  I may even wear my Vibrams to work out in the office.  I’m wondering if it just needs to be strengthened.  I won’t push it hard and I’ll rest again if it hurts more tomorrow!
So overall, another busy day!  I even went on my lunch break to the Staples near my job to look for an organizer.  I did find a good one!  People who are out and about during the day are nuts though.  I got cut off driving like 3 times (and its literally only a 2-3 mile drive).  People in Staples were also nutso, acting like it was Black Friday or something.  The girl in line in front of my was practically tapping her foot and sighing over how long the cashier was taking (which he wasn’t).  Crazy people!  I am glad I don’t shop during the day… (Had the same experience in a different town during a lunch break shopping trip too).
Anyway!  I am chatty today.  Time to get my day started!!

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  1. sounds like a busy day!!! And those books look amazing, I would be SOOOO lost after the first page (or paragraph haha)
    LOVE the "bookbag"

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