Coconut Yogurt, Brazilian Butts, & CrossFit at Home

Coconut Yogurt, Brazilian Butts, & CrossFit at Home

Instagram_CoconutYogurtMan has it been a long week.  I have always had digestive problems but my stomach has been really bad for the last 2 or 3 weeks now.  I don’t mention it because who likes to talk about that?  Then I got food poisoning yesterday!  Today at the grocery store, I bought a So Delicious Coconut Milk Probiotic Drink.  This is the first time I’ve tried it and it tastes just like Vanilla yogurt!  Has the texture of a usual yogurt drink.  I was really bummed they didn’t have the Chocolate flavor.  I’m pretty happy with my purchase so though.  I am hoping this will help my gut flora recover and get back to normal!!

BrazilianButtLift1On another note, I was doing really well with workouts!  Rob just got me a new present, Brazilian Butt Lift!  I was excited to try it and did the “Bum Bum” workout on Saturday.  My legs were sore for days!  It was really killer!  On Monday, I just did some yoga and my cardio circuit.  Tuesday, I tried out the “Cardio Axe” video which is basically just easier Zumba.  I wasn’t in love with that video but it was fun.  I really want to start the program!  But…

I have that silly gym membership.  I paid for it back in October and then craziness happened and I haven’t used it once!  I paid through to the end of December so I’m thinking I need to use it next month to make it worth it.  Which means a full review of BBL will be on hold for now.

I’ve also really looked at my food intake lately and I realized I am just fooling myself.  I’ve been eating too many calories, just enough to maintin.  I need to cut back just a couple hundred calories per day to kickstart some weight loss.  I also need to cut back on certain things like Starbucks.  Otherwise, I’ve been doing pretty good on the Paleo front.  I’ve noticed that I no longer find certain things appetizing anymore.  I’m indifferent to bread most of the time and rice is completely unappealing now.  Wow, it only took a few months but I finally got there!  Now if only I could figure out why my stomach has been upside down lately…

So I have a pretty basic plan:


There aren’t too many classes I’m excited about at the gym so I have to figure something out.  I thought maybe this weekend, I would read up on doing CrossFit at home.  I’m not sure I could handle doing it by myself with all the crazy terminology and deciding how much weight to use but it sounds like fun.  Whatever I decide, I have to be ready to go on Monday!

Wow, this was a long blog today, lots going on.  I just haven’t had much time or energy lately to devote to certain things (like blogging).  All I have time for is homework and research!  I really cannot WAIT for this semester to be over!!!

Have you ever tried doing CrossFit at home?  Do you have any tips or suggestions to get me started?

I almost forgot, my new medal came in the mail!  If you run more than one Rock’N’Roll event in a calendar year, they send you extra medals.  I’ve done 3 this year.  This is the medal for doing 2 and I love it!!


2 thoughts on “Coconut Yogurt, Brazilian Butts, & CrossFit at Home

  1. I was just looking over my last 90 day reports on MFP for fat, net calories and protein cos somebody asked for help with her caloric intake.

    While my eating has been poor lately (emotional eating: stress, fear, pain, getting 1-3 hrs sleep every night for months), it helped a lot to see that longer time frame. My *average* is about 1600-1700 a day. To guess, I’d have said 1800 cos that used to be my average when I was doing well (my definition of well meaning adding muscle and fitting smaller clothing — I’m in a 4 now for most brands). I’d been doing well before that ‘lately’ so for me, I bet that 200 calorie drop is the key.

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