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Happy Monday!   Not a lot going on around here.  Lots of unpacking and cleaning and getting ready for Christmas Breakfast, hosted at my house!  I also got all of my Christmas shopping done, which is pretty easy for me because I only have 5 people to buy for.  And it wasn’t too bad on the bank because of outlet shopping!

Otherwise, not much happening on the health and fitness front.  I was struggling, after being so sick for like 2 weeks, getting back into things.  Today, I woke up late but with just enough time to get dressed and head to the gym…

My husband goes to a local gym, BullPen for his rugby sports training.  He knows the owner, Jose, from coaching his son in wrestling years ago.  I don’t know Jose’s background exactly (muay thai, I think?) but he’s out to kick your butt.


Jose trains fighters in his gym plus sports specific training, but he also has some classes you can sign up for like Cardio Kickboxing and Strength & Conditioning.  He has been telling me to come out to his classes for months and I finally took him up on that offer!  I went to a class before I got sick and just got back again today.  The plan is to go 3 times per week, MWF, as long as I am free to go.  Excited to try something new and get out of the house!  I probably won’t be able to move tomorrow, but its totally worth it!

As for nutrition, I haven’t been worrying too much about that.  I have had a sugar issue lately because I bought really good truffles at the Lindt Chocolate outlet store.  I also got hot cocoa packets, which I have been mixing in my coffee in the mornings.  I can’t buy any more chocolate once its gone!  Otherwise, Rob and I have been trying to eat at home and eat more vegetables.  Not really shooting for big goals there, but it works in the long run.  Small changes for better health.

That’s it for today!  I need to get chipping away at my to-do list.  Using Wunderlist has really helped me be productive lately.  The huge task of getting the house ready is starting to feel less daunting.  I feel like I’ve made it over the hump and the end is in sight!

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