Turkey Days & 5Ks

Good morning!  Yes, it is as early as you think it is.  I use to always blog in the AM but lately I haven’t had time.  Good news today though is that I slept ok and woke up fine for my alarm!  Actually, according to FitBit, I slept terrible though…


My sleep has been really awful and I think its contributing to the generally crappy feeling I’ve had lately.  Still trying to figure this out.  I used to sleep great! 

Anyway, so I never gave you guys an update on my weekend!  Not too much to talk about really except that Rob ran our annual turkey trot!  We really like running the Fast and the Furrist 5K in Ocean City, NJ every year since its benefits the OC Humane Society (who takes care of our kitties for us!).  He forgot about it until I mentioned it in my blog.  We decided he would just run and I would take the pictures this year!  It was a beautiful day but a little chilly.


We ran into a couple people we know and then Rob was off.  I was starting to get worried as the minutes ticked by because he was taking so long (after 32 minutes, I thought I missed him!).  Turns out, he turned around and ran with a friend (since the race is out and back) so it took him a little longer. 


It was a quick, fun race and nice way to start the day!  And I’m so lame, I don’t have any pictures of Thanksgiving events with family.  I used to always be the event photo taker but lately, I just haven’t been feeling it.  All I got was a picture of my brother-in-law’s cute dog:


We had a pretty quiet day anyway, visited my grandmother and then dinner at Rob’s brother’s house with his parents (considering I am 1 of 4 kids and Rob is 1 of 6, that was a pretty quiet evening!).

Saturday was spent cleaning the house (boring).  Sunday, we ate breakfast out at one of our favorite places, Shea’s.  It’s a bit of a drive and more expensive than other places we eat so we don’t go often but their pancakes are unbelievable.  Rob got the white chocolate raspberry and they were to die for!


Then I had lots of work to do at home.  Rob cooked a turkey we got for free and we ate that for dinner.  For sides, I made sautéed brussel sprouts, baked sweet potatoes, and mashed purple cauliflower.  Everything was great!


We were joking how “carnivorous” we felt when I was tearing up the turkey hence that last picture.  Haha!  And that’s it for the weekend!

Health & Fitness

I did it!  I made myself work out!  Yesterday, I had planned on hitting the gym but I really just wanted to work out at home.  The risk is that I will go home and then not work out at all.  I got on Facebook and promised everyone in my fitness groups that I would work out for an hour, no matter what.  I was about to leave when my friend Ida stopped in and distracted me for a while.  I hardly get to see her so I couldn’t pass that up!


But anyway, this is health and fitness…  I headed home and was getting hungry.  At first, I thought “eat dinner, watch 1 tv episode, and then work out” and I stopped myself right there worried I never would get around to sweating.  I ate an apple and my pre-workout mix and got started on my Body Pump.


It was a great workout!  It was the first time using the DVD so I took it easy and wrote down all my weights.  If you are unfamiliar with Body Pump, it is a weight lifting class that uses low weights and high reps.  You really get what you put in and can be a great workout if you push yourself!  I did the equivalent “Group Power” at my old gym back when I was losing the weight quickly, and it really helped give me a nice toned body.  I’m so glad to get back into it!

As for nutrition, I ate almost completely Paleo (except those chips I got at Chipotle) and got plenty of water so I call day 1 of this week a complete success!

The plan for today:

  • Go to Kickboxing at the gym
  • Pack lunch and dinner for school (and pre-workout snack).
  • Get some serious work done on my take home exam. 
  • Check items off my to-do list.

Do you strength train regularly?  What style of lifting do you do?

8 thoughts on “Turkey Days & 5Ks

  1. OH, how I need to get back into ST! Now that I have no races lined up, I have no excuse for not starting and being sore for a week…I just need to pencil it into my schedule. Clearly, I’m just being lazy for not having started it this week. Perhaps I should wallpaper my house in Nike ads that say “just do it”. Maybe then it would sink in!

    1. That was always my excuse when running – 1 ST workout and you have to take like 5 days off!! Exactly – now that there are no races, there is no reason to skip it! Get into the routine so that when the next race rolls around, you are used to it! Get to it girlie!!
      PS. I’m thinking Atlantic City April Fool’s Day 7K as my return to racing 🙂

  2. That FitBit looks neat! Sorry about your sleep. 🙁 I LOVE BodyPump! I did really well going twice a week the whole summer, and really began to notice a more toned body, but once the school year started back up again, it’s been tough to juggle it all! But I’m itching to get back to it!

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