Being an HLB for a Day

Once again on Tuesday, I did my best to try to be an HLB (Healthy Living Blogger) and I think I did much better!  I also tried my best to keep my monthly goals for August in the front of my mind.  The first goal I really wanted to work on was the Spend-Free days so I made sure I had all the essentials for breakfast including my coffee.
I am not a fan of making my own coffee most of the time.  I enjoy making it at home and sipping it from a regular mug but my travel mugs always make it taste different.  I think its the hot with the plastic.  But the iced coffee goes over just fine (when I remember to make it the night before!).  Breakfast = success.
At lunch, I had to get out of the office.  Usually I eat at my desk to save time and get out a little earlier.  Well, at around 1, I just couldn’t take it any more.  I grabbed my healthy-living notebook and water and headed outside.  I sat down, prepping my HLB blog and enjoying the beautiful sun.  It was finally not too hot so I could enjoy the weather!
When I got home from work, I had been planning on doing something active with Rob but he was helping my dad clean out some brush from around the pool so I decided I would get the workout over with while they did that.  I just couldn’t decide what to do.  I ended up with Jackie Warner’s Xtreme Timesaver Training.  It was a good choice too!  It kept my bored mind in check and it wasn’t too long and hard.  I also did 15 minute of stretching afterward. 
It is amazing how quickly you can become unflexible!  I remember being able to bend much more than I could last night.  There are a bunch of workouts in this book and 4 of which are on the DVD.  I am glad I watched the DVD because these were rather complicated.  I will probably only use the DVD but its a nice tool to have!  I would reccomend it 🙂
The rest of the night was spent just making dinner and playing on the computer.  I also had a beer (moderation is ok for an HLB!).  The sweat from the bottle smiled back at me!

Dinner was excellent.  I used some fresh sausage from a local market.  I always remove the skin before cooking so the fat and grease can cook off.  It still keeps its shape (but you can also turn them into sausage meatballs).  I just tossed the cut up sausage in a pan (no skin) until almost cooked.  I  have leftover pasta from the night before.  I also diced up a large fresh tomato and a zucchini and threw it in the pan for the last few minutes (drain grease first).  The tomatoes will make enough of a “sauce” for the disk.  It tastes delicious!
Sausage isn’t the leanest protein obviously but it is more of a treat now and then for me and Rob.  You could use chicken or ground turkey or whatever in its place.  Anyway!  So overall, I would consider yesterday very healthy!  I ended the day in my calorie ranges but not my carbs and a little low on protein (in my range but I like to be much higher than I was).  Things to fix another day!  And one last picture I took, they just looked so cute sitting in the basket on the kitchen table!

2 thoughts on “Being an HLB for a Day

  1. I had a surprise smiley face last night too. On the back of my t-shirt made of sweat!!

  2. dinner looks delicious! Im cravaing veggies (weird I know!!)
    Also, looks like a very good day, love the smilie face! 🙂

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